Accucheck Glucometer


Accucheck Glucometer

  • For home Diabetics measurement
  • Insulin management tool with reminders
  • 1 click lancing device
  • 500 test memory

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Portea provides Rent and Sale equipment and support to Accucheck glucometer-dependent patient. We can help you decide the best product and range of administration for your requirements.

Accu-Chek Active Glucose Monitor for your standard glucose testing brought to you by Paytm-A convenient glucose checking device for at home or anyplace else. It is anything but difficult to utilize quick in getting to and perfect for a pain free test. The glucose monitor by Accu-Chek accompanies with test strips Softclix spearing device and sterile lancets. To utilize the glucose monitor utilize the lancet device that flames a sharp needle marginally through the epidermis of the finger with a specific end goal to permit a little measure of blood squeeze it onto the strip and then put the strip in the monitor. The accurate result and its simple utilization makes Accu-Chek Active Glucose Monitor a smart and a must purchase.


  • Safety features
  • Easy handling
  • Accurate numbers
  • Clever functionality
  • Weight: 55g
  • Size: width: 55mm, Length: 75mm, Thickness: 21mm
  • Humidity: 20-80%RH
  • Measuring range: 20-600mg/dl (1.1-33.3mmol/L)
  • Memory: 500 measurement results with date and time
  • Package quantity: 40pcs
  • Package weight: 8.5kg
  • Package size: 270 x 560 x 340mm

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