Glucometer- one touch

Glucometer portea

Glucometer- one touch

  • For home Diabetics measurement
  • 2 way scrolling buttons
  • 500 test memory
  • Comes in 3 different colors- pink, blue, silver

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PORTEA provides Rent and Sale equipment and support to Glucometer – One touch – dependent patient. We can help you decide the best product and range of administration for your requirements.

Glucometer One touch Makes blood glucose testing quick, simple and less painful, Makes it simple to see when there’s sufficient blood for an accurate reading.

Simply touch the end of the test strip to your blood test and it automatically draws up blood.


Portea also Offering Diabetes Care Packs with a 10% Discount On Strips Refill.

  • Colour: White
  • Minimum blood Sample needed: 0.5 microliter
  • Number of strips: 60 strips
  • Number of Lancets: 10 Lancets
  • Measuring Time: 5sec

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