HME Bacterial Filter


HME Bacterial Filter

  • Prevent inspissation of airway secretion,hypothermia during Mechanical Ventilation.
  • Made of Hydrophobic fibers.

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PORTEA provides Rent and Sale equipment and support to Full bacterial filter-dependent patient. We can help you decide the best product and range of administration for your requirements.

HME Filter (Heat and Moisture Exchanger) is a Passive heat and moisture exchangers (HMEs) indicates to a basic and effective approach to replace one of the most essential upper air way (Nose) functions.

The nasal cavities normally play a very active role in this conditioning, HMEs have also been called “artificial noses

The filters help protect the patient. HME provides effective protection against various types of particles including bacteria, viruses, and moisture drops.


  • High level of moisture output(>33mgH2O/L)
  • High level of moisture output
  • Rounded ergonomic housing
  • Small and paediatric versions
  • Sterile or Clean
  • Standard Retainable Monitoring Cap
  • Hygroscopic cellulose or foam HME Media
  • Weight: 34g
  • BFE/VFE – >99.9 %/> 99.9%
  • Dead Space – 55ml
  • Moisture Efficiency in mg H20/L – 32 @ 1000 ml Vt
  • Resistance (@ .5 l/s) – 1.2

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