What is Diabetes Management?

DiabetaSmart is the smart diabetes management program by PORTEA. The seeds of the idea were sown when we realized that 1 out of every 10 people in India is either Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic, and India lags behind the western world when it comes to managing diabetes effectively. The good news is each one of us at Portea believes that diabetes can be managed excellently and we will show you how exactly.

How Diabetes Management Program works?

Diabetes monitoring and management is SIMPLE. All it requires is a simple, step by step approach. Of course a little discipline, and we are done. Nothing more nor less. So are we ready to defeat the enemy in the tracks?

Our UNIQUE Offerings:


Smart Glucometer:

As the name itself reveals, our glucometer is SMART, as it comes with an in-built SIM, helping the doctor and patient to check not only the present reading, but also the past readings anytime anywhere (through web/app). The comparative readings will let you know how well you are managing your sugar levels.

Personal Nutritionist:

Diabetes has a strong correlation to the diet of the individual. Keeping this in mind, our diabetes management program includes assigning a personal dietician, who in turn creates a customized Diet plan as well as follows up on whether the diet is being followed or not. Patients are also educated on alternate food products helping them navigate their diabetes journey smoothly.

Hypo/Hyper Alerts Management: 

We are always there to help the patients in times of anxiety. Our system monitors each and every reading, and if a reading is not in the prescribed range, Portea proactively calls the patient to understand the deviation from the expected. The patient is then advised on the next steps and also whether he should visit the doctor. 

Compliance on taking Readings:

In case the patient is not taking readings for a week, we call them to educate on the importance of monitoring regular readings. Our experience says that this helps in improved glucose levels and better control. 

Personal Health Coach:

Every patient is assigned a Personal Health Coach who guides the user on weight management, stress management, exercise regimen, including any health query that pops up while undergoing the program.

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Just one Type of Diabetes?

Nope. We take care of all forms of Diabetes, including Gestational Diabetes. Gestational Diabetes is a condition in which a woman without diabetes develops high sugar levels during pregnancy. If neglected it may lead to pre-clampsia, depression, and may often culminate in a C-section. How do we help here? We help you prevent gestational diabetes by guiding you on every aspect that will help you avoid the condition. In women, who have already developed gestational diabetes, Portea helps to decide on the right diet, exercise and ensuring timely insulin injection reminders.


  • Umadevi

    The whole Diabetes Management program completely took my stress away! I am doing much better. Kudos to Portea