Cervical pain or more commonly, neck pain, is a common symptom among people of all ages. About two-thirds of the world’s population has been affected by cervical pain at one point in time or the other. Today, our lifestyle is dictated by laptops and smartphones; to drive home the point that sitting hours in front of a laptop or the TV set is a major cause of cervical pain. This pain, that might have various causes in the background, including stress and strain, is mostly caused due to dislocation of cervical discs or swelling of the cervical disc joints. These conditions cause tremendous pain and immediate treatment is an absolute must to prevent a chronic turn of events.


Let us have a look at the main causes which lead to shoulder pain:


Accidents might result in a situation known as ‘whiplash’ wherein your neck is subjected to a huge amount of ‘G-force’. This G-force causes the neck to move backward and then forward at a great speed. This might result in tremendous cervical pain due to dislocation of cervical discs.

Health Problems

Cervical pain might also occur due to various diseases. Patients suffering from migraine might feel cervical pain caused due to terrible headaches. Arthritis is another disease that causes joint pains.


Sitting in front of the laptop round the clock, especially with a poor posture, can cause cervical pain among office goers. Moreover, a stressful life, in general,is a perfect recipe for acute as well as chronic cervical pain.

Old Age

Cervical Spondylosis is common among the elderly. The immense stress and strain your neck is subjected to over the years finally starts taking a toll and your cervical discs start dislocating or swelling. This can be very painful.

Muscle Spasm

Sitting in front of the laptop or studying for the whole day (again, while maintaining poor posture) is one of the leading causes of cervical pain among office goers or students.

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Our physiotherapists are specialized in the treatment of cervical pain due to various reasons. They go to your doorstep and assess your problem, following which a treatment plan is prepared to best suit your condition and medical needs. Physiotherapy coupled with their expert advice would go a long way to better manage your cervical pain.

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