What is sciatica pain?

It is a pain caused by Sciatica nerve which begins from your upper back and goes down to your lower back. Sciatica pain affects only one side of your body. The leg which remains affected by sciatica gets swollen and is painful to move. The extreme pain caused by sciatica can be cured to some extent by following some home remedies. The operation can be avoided in most cases. People undergoing surgeries suffer from extreme sciatica leg pain which becomes unbearable.


Sciatica Causes

Now that we are aware of what is sciatica we should know the Sciatica causes. Sciatica pain is caused when the sciatic nerve is tightly pressed by a herniated disk or by your overgrown bone. The nerve can get damaged more easily when you are already suffering from diabetes.


What leads to the development of sciatica pain?


Lets look at the factors that increase the risk of sciatica.


-Growing age

With your growing age, there is a change in your herniated disks. Your bone may get elongated which causes sciatica.


When you are obese then it puts a lot of stress on your spine. This could lead to sciatica.

-Lifting heavyweight

When you are in a job which leads you to lift heavy things, like that of a laborer, then it may cause sciatica.

-Sitting for long hours

When you sit for long hours in front of computer performing your task in office then sciatica could occur.


Increased range of blood sugar can also lead you to sciatica.


  Sciatica pain relief


-Exercises for sciatica pain

When you perform your lower back as well as abdomen exercises regularly as advised by your doctor then your posture remains right. Sciatica pain relief is possible in this way.


-Keep your posture right while sitting

While you are sitting, it’s very important for you to keep your posture aligned. Therefore its necessary for you to sit in a chair which has a proper backrest. If required you must use a folded towel or a pillow and place it behind your back while you sit.


-Try to be proactive and exercise caution

Sciatica exercises must be performed from time to time if you feel a pain in your back for sitting long hours in front of your laptop. In between your work you must get up from your chair and walk keeping your back straight. This will give a sense of relief to your back.  When lifting weight, if you feel the object is too heavy for you to lift then you must take help.


  Sciatica treatment at home


Sciatica pain treatment can be done at home if your body responds to that. Resting for some days might give your lower back some relief but being inactive for a long duration might worsen sciatica symptoms. Here are few methods for Sciatica treatment at home.

-Compressing with ice packs

Sciatica treatment at home includes compressing the painful area. This can be performed by taking some ice in a clean towel and then placing it on your painful region for about 20 minutes. This trick will surely help and provide you with a sense of relief.


-Hot packs

Use heat to heal your painful areas. You can also use a heat belt and have it in a lower setting. This can be done once in two to three days. Sciatica treatment in this manner should be continued if the pain continues. In fact, cold and warm compression should be carried out simultaneously.

-Sciatica exercises

Stretching is one of the most effective exercises for sciatica pain and can help relax your lower back. While you are doing your sciatica exercise, never make a mistake to bend or shake forcefully.


For sciatica cure, medicines can always be used which include painkillers like ibuprofen and naproxen sodium.

When should you opt for a professional sciatica treatment?

Sciatica pain treatment from a professional should be opted for when the exercises for sciatica pain and the homely remedies fail. You are in serious need of a medical professional when the pain seems to increase day by day. See your doctor immediately when you feel extreme pain in your lower back or your leg. It is always beneficial to seek Sciatica pain treatment at the earliest else the situation could get really bad.


What should you ask your doctor for sciatica cure?

Sciatica pain treatment should be done by a medical professional when you observe that the sciatica symptoms are getting worse day by day. There are various things which you must note down in order to seek help from your medical professional. Sciatica pain treatment can only begin when you list down all the symptom along with the time when they began. Note down your medical history and the medicines which you already consume. This will help your doctor to make decisions faster. Sciatica exercises should be performed as recommended by your doctor. Also, note down any recent injuries which your lower back has gone through. It is always good to see the doctor in the company of your friends or any of your family members. Even if you forget some points they can let the doctor know that you have previously faced an injury. Be frank in explaining your condition to the doctor so that sciatica cure can be done effectively.

Sciatica pains can be horrible at times. Try to take proactive measures so that the condition remains in control. Exercises for sciatica pain should be performed as it helps for better and faster healing. Take your doctor’s advice before doing it.

How can we help you?

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