Portea Cherish – FAQ

1. What is Portea Cherish?

Portea Cherish is a flagship engagement program for its customers. It is a registered entity of Portea medical, which aims to provide expert medical service with a motto of HEAL. INSPIRE. ENGAGE.

2. What are the benefits of becoming a Portea Cherish programme member?

Here are some benefits of becoming a member of Portea Cherish:

  • Enjoy member-only exclusive offers and deals
  • Earn Health Miles on every interaction with Portea. These Health Miles can be used to redeem Portea services amongst your family members using your family ID.
  • As you progress through your Portea Cherish journey, you would also be entitled to dedicated Health Manager, who will be your one point of contact for you and your family’s health needs.

3. Who are referred to as members?

Any customer availing Portea medical services with a valid Portea ID will be considered as a member of Portea Cherish.

4. How can I join this program?

Once a customer avails Portea service he/she is automatically enrolled to this program.

5. What is a Portea ID?

Every customer visiting Portea is assigned a unique ID called the Portea ID which is used in all communications. This is sent to the registered email id and is used as login credential for the member website.

6. What are Health miles?

With Portea Cherish you can earn Health Miles for adhering to your treatment plan, utilizing services from Portea and ensuring that you and your loved ones lead a healthy life. You can also earn Health Miles for giving successful referrals.

7. What is a Family ID?

A family Id is a group ID which will be generated in the future linking all the members of the Family. You will be informed when the ID is available for use.

8. How can I make use of the Family ID when it is made available?

All members under a family ID will have a cumulative Health Miles balance which is a sum of individual Health Miles. This can then be redeemed by any family member, akin to an insurance floater cover.

9. How can I view and utilize the Health miles?

You may view your Health Miles by using your account on the patient portal (http://my.portea.com). The Health miles can be redeemed as money in Portea wallet which can be used to pay for Portea services. The same can be done on Portea patient portal and will soon be made available on the Portea App too.

10. Is there any minimum redemption threshold?

The minimum point criterion for redemption is 200 Health Miles.

11. Do I have to renew the membership or is there any renewal charge?

The membership to this program is lifetime and there are no renewal charges. The membership can only be cancelled on blacklisting of the customer.

12. How can I address any query related to the program?

One can call up the help desk number 080 4654 2754 or write to cherish@portea.com to seek any help related to Portea Cherish.

Account Access:

13. If I forget my password or patient ID, how can I retrieve it?

You can retrieve them by clicking on “Can’t Login?” on the patient portal and sharing your Patient ID (in case of a forgotten password) or your mobile number (in case of a forgotten Patient ID). Your details will be sent to you via an Email / SMS.

For further assistance, please connect with the our Helpdesk at 080 4654 2754or email us at cherish@portea.com

14. How can I change my password?

On the home page, you can click on your profile name and select “Change Password”.

For further assistance, please connect with the our Helpdesk at 080 4654 2754or email us at cherish@portea.com

15. What if I forget the Family ID?

To help you recall your Family ID, we would suggest that you contact the our Helpdesk at 080 4654 2754 or email us at cherish@portea.com