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let’s learn about home blood tests

An annual blood test is a good way to prevent some of the life threatening diseases and to manage internal health.

preparing for a blood test

Blood tests are simple. Some tests like testing for blood glucose may require a fasting period of 8 to 12 hours ahead of the test though.

These days some simple tests like checking blood group, testing blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and sometimes even thyroid levels can be tested at home with Home Blood Test Kits like Accu Check, PRIMA etc.

Then there are home services where in trained professionals will collect blood samples and deliver the lab tested results to you. This works better when you neither have the inclination nor time to visit a hospital for basic blood tests.

getting your first blood test – it’s nothing to worry about

First the care giver identifies the vein from where blood is to be drawn. A tourniquet / tight band is placed around the upper arm to fill the vein with blood, the area is sterilized with antiseptic and blood is drawn through a needle connected to a syringe or blood sample bottles.

In cases where oxygen levels in blood need to be determined, blood is taken from an artery at the wrist. This is usually done at medical facilities like hospitals.

Another example is testing for glucose; only a very small amount of blood is required to get accurate results. So typically a tiny drop of blood is taken from the fingertip. These days most people who suffer from diabetes have home blood test kits to monitor their blood sugar levels periodically.

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