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critical care

Looking for long-term ICU like service at home? Our clinical procedures have been developed in consultation with leading hospitals and doctors, ensuring the highest quality of medical care at home. To get in-home Critical Care services in your city, begin here.

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critical care at home

Home is where healing happens best. Portea ICU@Home services are for Patients who are no longer in the acute phase of their illness but still require intensive care.

ICU@Home services include the care and supervision of highly trained critical care therapists, experts and nurses and at a significantly lower price than that of a hospital stay.

Our clinical procedures have been developed in consultation with leading hospitals and renowned experts, ensuring the highest quality medical care. Six ways in which we make critical care at home a great choice for the patient and her family.

when do you need critical care?

When a family member needs long term ICU care, a lot of doctors and hospitals advise for such care to be provided at home if possible, in case there are no active interventions to be done.

The patient is happier at home and healing can happen without the threat of hospital acquired infections. This is financially easier for the family as well considering such care at home comes at least 30% cheaper than in a hospital.

We have provided this service to a lot of patients with respiratory or neurological disease who take a long time to recover and need adequate device support and specialised care through trained nurses.

critical care packages

Care plans are personalized for patient needs and are designed to deliver high quality, affordable, and easy to implement health services.

Critical Package 

Clinical team

  • 2 ICU trained nurses – 12 hours each
  • 2 Nursing assistants – 12 hours each
  • Physiotherapist (as advised by primary physician)
  • Respiratory therapist (1-2 visits/week)
  • ICU consumables
  • Weekly clinical quality audits

ICU Infrastructure

On condition

GCS: 8 or less | Vitals: Unstable | Mobility: Restricted | Ventilation: Dependent

Step-Down Package

Clinical team

  • 2 ICU trained nurses-12 hours each
  • 2 Nursing assistants – 12 hours each
  • Physiotherapist (as advised by primary physician)
  • Respiratory therapist (1-2 visits/week)
  • ICU consumables
  • Weekly clinical quality audits

ICU Infrastructure

  • BiPAP
  • Infusion pumps
  • DVT Pump
  • Other equipment as per clinical assessment by Portea doctor
  • Home visit report
  • E-Monitoring

Supportive Package

Clinical team

  • 2 ICU trained nurses – 12 hours each
  • 2 Nursing assistants – 12 hours each
  • Physiotherapist (as advised by primary physician)
  • Respiratory therapist (1-2 visits/week)
  • Weekly clinical quality audits

ICU Infrastructure

  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Other equipment as per clinical assessment by Portea doctor
  • Home visit reports
  • E-Monitoring

On condition

GCS: 10 or more | Vitals: Stable | Mobility: Restricted

patient stories – how smitha found help in portea to provide world class care for her father?

My father is a neuro patient who was treated at Medanta hospital for a month. As a result of brain haemorrhage, he is bed ridden and not able to walk or eat on his own. Due to his critical condition, we had to arrange for a 24 hour nurse and physio-therapy at the time of shifting him home to help him with recovery. After a lot of research, we decided to go with Portea as not only does Portea provides trained nurses and physio therapists but they also provide medical equipments such as an ICU bed etc which one can take on rent. 
Post telephonic conversations, our first interaction was with Abhishek Dubey who visited my father at the hospital to help us decide what kind of nurse we will require and what all equipments we will need. He spent quality time with my family to understand the condition of my father and accordingly arranged for a nurse and equipments for us. His service has been top notch and I am very thankful to him for his continued support till date. Portea team also visited our home and got the room ready before my father was shifted. Abhishek also helped with this process.

The first nurse assigned to us was Mahendra, who came to Medanta hospital early in the morning on the day of  discharge to take a proper handover from the hospital nurses. He travelled in the ambulance with my father and ensured my father was moved safely from the hospital to home. Mahendra was with us for almost 20 days and he did a fabulous job of taking care of my father. I would highly recommend Mahendra for any neuro patient who requires critical care. Not only was Mahendra good at his job, but he was also good natured and forever smiling which helped having him around a joy. Mahendra has recently been replaced Mr Renju and he too is extremely good from what I hear from my mother and so far we are very happy with his services. I will leave a detailed feedback on Mr Renju after he has spend some more time with us. 

I have also communicated with the head of nursing coordinator Mr Sarvesh and he too is very prompt and helpful. Dr Ankit who is co-ordinator for physio-therapists is also very responsive and helpful.

The physio-therapist assigned to my father Mr Sandeep is extremely good too and with his continued effort and regular session, my father is reasonable mobile than he was a few weeks ago.

Thanks to the joint effort of Team Portea that we are able to provide good care to my father. 

Hope my review helps other families looking to provide good care to any of their loved ones who needs it.

Smitha Thomas, NCR

why choose portea?

Certified ICU Nurses & ICU Doctor

With extensive hands on experience, professional certifications and training our specialists ICU Doctors ensure quality care.

Best in class ICU devices

We offer a wide range of products for all patients needs across an affordable price range.

Cost Advantage

Complete expenses of the critical care services come at a fraction of cost of the same services at a hospital.

Working with the treating physician

We involve your own physician in the care plan design and share patient data periodically with him/ her.

Continuous monitoring

Our trained specialists monitor patient progress and recovery data from our state of the art devices.

Lower risk of infection

Home ICU setups not only save time, money but also substantially reduce the risk of infections for the patient.

how ccu/icu works?

  • The physician will examine the patient to determine the need for long-term ICU care at home and refer Portea.
  • After a detailed discussion with a designated health manager, the patient opts for Portea’s care plan.
  • The Patient assessment process begins with our clinical team evaluating the patient and understanding patient’s requirements such as devices & consumables. Followed by a home assessment to identify a space for ICU set up at the patient’s home.
  • A day before the patient’s arrival at home, our team delivers the devices and installs the ICU set up.
  • Portea Clinical team along with the head nurse keep the home ready for patient’s arrival.
  • Our Proprietary software ensures 24×7 monitoring of the patient’s vitals and the treating physician is updated with the patient’s condition multiple times a day.

Twice every week, Portea ICU Doctor discuss progress with the patient’s family

Patient’s family receives daily telephonic updates from the nursing supervisor

Nursing supervisor performs a weekly audit with the care giving a team and the patient’s family at home


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“Bincy was taking care of my mother until the 13th of February. I wanted to let you know that we were exceptionally happy with her service. She took excellent care of my mother and treated as her own, and my mother loved her too. She was dedicated, compassionate, discharged her duties with full responsibility and genuine love
As you know my mother was bedridden and it is very distressing and difficult for the family members, but having Bincy with us was very comforting as we could tell that she was very competent, caring and compassionate — a rare combination! My sister, who is a herself a highly regarded physician and was visiting from the US, was full of praise for Bincy’s caring and responsible attitude. She was a gods sent for us and we were very fortunate to have Bincy.

With regards
Nalini Sood”

khyali ram, your support has been biggest positive of this year. Thank you and god bless you