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what is respiratory care?

Respiratory care is an allied healthcare that is mainly for maintaining the finest cardiopulmonary health, function and wellness. Respiratory care is specially given to people with heart and lung disorders but, is not restricted to them and is given to anyone facing difficulty in breathing. Respiratory care practitioners or pulmonologists use various scientific principles to diagnose, treat and prevent chronic dysfunction of the cardiopulmonary system.

what respiratory therapy?

Respiratory therapy is a part of respiratory care, where respiratory therapists help and assist people suffering from problems related to lung function and breathing. A respiratory therapist helps a patient with manageable respiratory conditions. Respiratory therapy today occupies a vital place in healthcare system owing to rising cases of lung disorder, which can be the result of growing pollution.
Respiratory therapists diagnose and treat various diseases pertaining to heart and lungs like lung disorders, asthma, emphysema, bronchitis and pneumonia. A respiratory therapist works with people across all ages from premature infants to the elderly. And can be mostly found in hospital’s ICU, pulmonary rehabilitation clinic, paediatric ICU and emergency rooms. Some respiratory therapists also work out of a patient’s home.

job responsibilities of a respiratory therapist

The job responsibilities of a respiratory therapist are quite expansive and begin from the diagnosis to the treatment of various cardio pulmonary diseases. As such a respiratory therapist job involves examining patients, performing chest exams and analysing tissue specimens. Apart from there are plenty other duties associated with a respiratory therapist. Some of the common duties of a respiratory therapist are;

  • A respiratory therapist is expected to manage life support mechanical ventilation systems
  • They are also responsible for administering aerosol based medications
  • Monitoring equipment related to cardiopulmonary therapy is also a critical part of a respiratory therapist job.
  • An RT also has to analyse blood samples for the determining oxygen levels and other gases
  • An RT is also expected to efficiently manage artificial airways
  • They also need to assess the lung capacity for determining any impairment
  • Analyzing chest x-rays and sputum specimens are also part of a respiratory therapist job
  • Assessing vital signs is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of a respiratory therapist
  • An RT also helps with the rehabilitation of patients with cardiopulmonary disorder

difference between respiratory care practitioner, respiratory therapists and respiratory therapy technician

People always confuse these three separate professionals as one single professional with multiple names but, this is not exactly the case. Respiratory care practitioner, respiratory therapists and respiratory therapy technician are three different professionals although their career path are similar.
A respiratory care practitioner or pulmonologists mainly deals with patients with chronic and potentially life threatening diseases that demand immediate attention like lung cancer, lung failure treatment. A respiratory care practitioner can prescribe respiratory therapy; respiratory therapists on the other hand deal with more manageable form of cardiopulmonary diseases and administer aerosol treatment, inhalation therapy, chest physiotherapy and treating other breathing difficulties like pneumonia, emphysema, etc.
A respiratory therapy technician is not generally involved with treatment plans for patients and their duties mainly involve operating oxygen therapy equipment, setting up and adjusting ventilators and performing air-trapping techniques among others.

how can we help?

With the rise in pollution level cardiopulmonary disorders like asthma has become quite common across all groups, and so has risen the need for good respiratory therapists. Filling the void for the need of experienced respiratory therapist at home, we offer the services of highly trained and well experienced respiratory therapists, who come visit you at your home, so you wouldn’t have to further stress out your lungs by travelling in the polluted environment. So, if you need respiratory care at home just give us a call and our representative respiratory therapist will soon visit you and provide the required care.

frequently asked questions

Q- How can I avail Portea’s services for respiratory care?

A- Availing of the respiratory care services of Portea is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is visit the official website and book an appointment. When booking an appointment, you will have to provide your important contact details. The expert professional will reach out to you and ensure the delivery of reliable respiratory care services. You can also call on 18001212323 and avail of professional respiratory care services. 

Q- Can I hire a respiratory therapist for respiratory care on short notice?

A- Yes, you can hire a respiratory care therapist at Portea on short notice. However, you need to reach out to us at least two to four before the service is required. Depending on the availability of our professional respiratory therapist, we will assign the best therapist to meet your specific care requirements. Portea is at the forefront of delivering emergency respiratory care services to patients. 

Q- How long is a respiratory care session?

A- The respiratory care sessions usually last for about one and a half hours. However, the time duration will vary from patient to patient. It depends on various factors, such as the health condition of the patient, specific care requirements, potential complications, and more. 

Q- How can I find a respiratory therapist for respiratory care services near me?

A- In order to find a respiratory therapist for respiratory care services near me, all you need to do is to make a Google search. Make sure to choose the best respiratory therapist by taking into consideration all the important factors. The factors include the experience of the respiratory therapist, the care services offered, and the cost of services. Portea has some of the best certified respiratory therapists who can deliver quality respiratory care services to individuals. Connect with expert professionals and discuss your specific requirements. 

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