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respiratory care

BIPAP A40 – Ventilator

Brand: Philips


Suction Apparatu (Single Jar)

Brand: Niscomed

Philips BiPAP Auto

Brand: Philips

Resmed Oxygen Port Connector

Brand: Resmed

Philips Bipap ST

Invacare Platinum 9 LPM Oxygen Concentrator

Trilogy 100 – Ventilator

Brand: Philips


Suction Apparatu (Single Jar) – EZ Life

Brand: EZ Life

Lumis-100 Non Invasive Ventilator

Brand: Resmed


BiPAP Hose Pipe

Everflo Oxygen Concentrator


Suction Apparatu (Double JAR) – EZ Life

Brand: EZ Life

Stellar-100 Ventilator

Brand: Stellar


Brand: Philips

Lumis-150 Non Invasive Ventilator

Brand: Resmed

Simply go Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)

Suction Apparatu (double JAR)

Brand: Niscomed

Philips BiPAP Pro

Brand: Philips

Stellar-150 Ventilator

Brand: Resmed

Philips Bipap Avaps

Philips Simplygo Mini Oxygen Concentrator

respiration care introduction

People suffering from respiratory illness require utmost attention. Heart & lung disorders or chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma mainly cause respiratory problems but due to increasing pollution and unhealthy lifestyle today, the chances of respiratory illness are growing rapidly among people. Children and the elderly are more prone to respiratory illness as they have weaker immune systems.

The symptoms of respiratory problems can be quite serious or life-threatening. Patients often experience:

  1. Difficulty in breathing
  2. High temperature and body chills
  3. Fatigue & dizziness 
  4. Congestion & so on

types of respiratory devices

Visiting a doctor every time or going about the treatment plan all by yourself can not only turn out expensive but confusing as well. Hence, we take care of you or your loved one suffering from respiratory problems with critical care, by setting up an intensive respiratory care unit at the comfort of your home.

Portea provides a comprehensive list of top-notch respiratory devices that are designed to give you accurate results & also come along with special care guidelines to assist you during an emergency. The best part about these devices is that you can carry them conveniently everywhere you go.

 Our respiratory equipment includes:

  1. BiPAP machine (Bilevel positive airway pressure): This device helps those who find it difficult to breathe by pushing air into the lungs with pressure. 
  2. Oxygen concentrator: Recommended for people with lower oxygen levels in their blood.
  3. Pulse oximeter: This device monitors how well the patient’s heart is pumping oxygen through their body.
  4. Suction apparatus: This equipment helps patients to breathe comfortably by clearing substances like mucus, saliva and blood from their airway.
  5. Nebulizer: Recommended for patients with respiratory conditions like asthma. It helps deliver the liquid medicine into a mist form for patients to inhale effectively.
  6. Ventilators: This device uses pressure to pump oxygen-rich air into the lungs to help in the breathing process efficiently.

respiratory care devices online

We value our customer’s time and health above everything else. Therefore, Portea goes way beyond the customer’s expectations and focuses on delivering exceptional respiratory devices and medical equipment online. With the right medical assistance and reviews available online, you can either buy or rent the respiratory devices from the best brands at cost-effective rates. Just place an order and you will find the respiratory devices delivered to your doorstep.

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