respiratory care

BIPAP A40 – Ventilator

Brand: Philips


Suction Apparatus (Single Jar)

Brand: Niscomed

Philips BiPAP Auto

Brand: Philips

Resmed Oxygen Port Connector

Brand: Resmed

Philips Bipap ST

Invacare Platinum 9 LPM Oxygen Concentrator

Trilogy 100 – Ventilator

Brand: Philips


Suction Apparatus (Single Jar) – EZ Life

Brand: EZ Life

Lumis-100 Non Invasive Ventilator

Brand: Resmed


BiPAP Hose Pipe

Everflo Oxygen Concentrator


Suction Apparatus (Double JAR) – EZ Life

Brand: EZ Life

Stellar-100 Ventilator

Brand: Stellar


Brand: Philips

Lumis-150 Non Invasive Ventilator

Brand: Resmed

Simply go Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)

Quattro Air Full Face Mask (FFM)

Suction Apparatus (double JAR)

Brand: Niscomed

Philips BiPAP Pro

Brand: Philips

Stellar-150 Ventilator

Brand: Resmed

Philips Bipap Avaps

Philips Simplygo Mini Oxygen Concentrator

get respiratory care equipment online from portea  

At Portea, we prioritise your well-being and recognize the significance of convenient and top-notch healthcare. Our dedication goes above and beyond as we offer outstanding respiratory devices and medical equipment online. Whether you’re looking to purchase or rent, we provide an extensive selection of respiratory devices from reputable brands at budget-friendly prices. 

Our user-friendly online ordering system ensures that the respiratory equipment is delivered directly to your doorstep. With Portea, you can enjoy effortless access to premium respiratory care equipment for rent or purchase, placing your healthcare needs in trusted hands.

respiratory equipment for comprehensive care

Portea offers a variety of vital respiratory equipment available for rental and purchase to assist individuals dealing with diverse respiratory conditions. Our equipment comprises:

  1. BiPAP Machine (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure): Assists individuals with breathing difficulties by delivering pressurized air into the lungs.
  2. Oxygen Concentrator: Recommended for those with low oxygen levels in their blood, ensuring a reliable oxygen supply.
  3. Pulse Oximeter: Monitors heart function and oxygen circulation to assess overall oxygenation levels.
  4. Suction Apparatus: Helps patients breathe comfortably by clearing substances such as mucus, saliva, and blood from the airway.
  5. Nebulizer: Ideal for patients with respiratory conditions like asthma, it converts liquid medication into a mist for effective inhalation.
  6. Ventilators: Utilizing pressure, these devices pump oxygen-rich air into the lungs, aiding in efficient breathing.

Our respiratory equipment is tailored to enhance comfort and promote better respiratory health, catering to the diverse needs of our patients.

choose from a variety of suction apparatus available

Discover our range of suction apparatus machines available for both rental and purchase. Our suction apparatus options comprise:

1. Suction Apparatus (Double Jar) – Ez Life

Discover the EZ Life’s double jar suction machine – an innovative oil-free lubrication pump crafted through extensive design expertise and inspired by global trends. Specifically designed for efficient absorption of thick liquids like blood and phlegm, this Hospital Suction Machine comes with two bottles.

2. Suction Apparatus (Double Jar)

Discover the Niscomed Trolley Suction System, designed for effortless maintenance, thanks to its oil-free piston pump that eliminates the need for daily oil refills. This suction machine double jar features a premium steel chassis with powder coating, ensuring durability and precision. This Electric Suction Unit has extended pressure tubing and vacuum control for convenience.

3. Suction Apparatus (Single Jar)

The Niscomed Aspiret is a desktop electric Suction Apparatus designed to aspirate body fluids, including oral, nasal, and tracheal aspirations in adults and children. This suction machine single jar is well-suited for tracheotomized patients, minor surgical procedures, and post-operative therapy in home care settings. The main unit is equipped with a vacuum meter (measuring in both bar and kPa) and a vacuum regulator for precise control.

4. Suction Apparatus (Single Jar) – Ez Life

The EZ life suction machine is a newly engineered, oil-free lubrication pump built upon extensive design expertise and global product development trends. It is specifically tailored for efficiently extracting thick fluids like blood and phlegm. While commonly used as an aspirator in operating rooms, it boasts high negative pressure, substantial flow, and minimal noise. Additionally, its advanced overflow-protection design prevents the leakage of pus and mucus into the machine. Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for emergency and outdoor use, ensuring portability and convenience.

select bipap equipment from various options available

Portea offers a wide range of BIPAP equipment on rent or purchase based on their functionalities. Some of our options include:

1. Philips Bipap Pro

The Bipap Pro Philips is equipped with Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) for supporting spontaneous breathing in non-dependent patients with respiratory insufficiency. This device is suitable for both adult and pediatric patients with respiratory disorders. It features Bi-Flex comfort technology, offers a wide pressure range, and allows patients to adjust the ramp for comfort and convenience. So get your Philips BIPAP machine on rent or purchase it from us now!

2. Philips Bipap Auto

The Philips Bipap Auto features a servo-ventilation algorithm with Auto EPAP, adapting to the patient’s evolving requirements to deliver optimal therapy. Incorporating advanced leak sensing technology and the Bi-Flex feature, it ensures comfortable sleep. Whether you require short-term or long-term respiratory support, our portable auto BiPAP machines are tailored to fulfill your needs in the comfort of your home.

3. Philips Bipap Avaps

The Philips Respironics BiPAP AVAPS non-invasive ventilator offers the comfort of pressure ventilation along with consistent efficacy in delivering assured tidal volume. This BiPAP AVAPS machine automatically adjusts to meet changing patient requirements and integrates System One advanced technologies, streamlining the patient care process.

4. Philips Bipap St

The Philips Bipap ST is equipped with Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) for both Obstructive and Restrictive respiratory conditions, catering to adult and pediatric patients. It operates in Bi-level S and S/T modes to provide the prescribed therapy. The device features advanced leak sensing technology and Bi-Flex for added comfort during use.

5. Bipap Hose Pipe

Our Bipap hose pipe features a flexible and durable design, available in various lengths for user convenience. Its leak-resistant construction ensures efficient therapy, while the lightweight material makes it easy to handle. These hose pipes are compatible with CPAP and BiPAP machines, easy to clean, and equipped with secure connections to prevent disconnections during use. The smooth interior promotes optimal airflow, and some models include swivel connectors for added mobility.

discover various types of oxygen concentrators

Portea provides a variety of portable oxygen concentrator on rent and purchase, each selected based on its specific functions. Here are some of the options:

1. Simply Go Portable Oxygen Concentrator (Poc)

The Simply Go Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) offers a maximum capacity of 2 litres per minute for continuous flow oxygen therapy or up to 6 boluses per minute for pulse dose oxygen, catering to a range of patient requirements. The portable oxygen machine’s sturdy construction, long-lasting compressor, and top-notch components ensure longevity and dependability. The Simply Go Oxygen Concentrator system includes a mobile cart, rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, DC and AC power cords, accessory case, and user manual for comprehensive functionality.

2. Philips Simplygo Mini Oxygen Concentrator

The Philips Simply Go Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a reliable and cost-effective solution for oxygen therapy. Portea offers high-quality healthcare services, such as doctor consultations, physiotherapy, nursing home care, and cataract home services. Designed for ease of use and minimal maintenance, this mini oxygen machine ensures efficient oxygen therapy for patients.

3. Invacare Platinum 9 Lpm Oxygen Concentrator

The Invacare Platinum 9-litre equipment is a top-quality option, providing ample oxygen supply with its user-friendly flow meter and 9-litre capacity, delivering 87-96% purity. The Oxygen Concentrator features the trusted platinum series technology and a twin-head compressor for exceptional reliability. The -Sens O2 system offers continuous oxygen monitoring for added safety, while the automatic circuit breaker provides extra protection and helps keep maintenance costs low.

4. Everflo Oxygen Concentrator

The Everflo Oxygen Concentrator is an exceptional stationary concentrator designed to meet the needs of both homecare providers and patients. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to handle, and its low maintenance requirements contribute to reduced service costs, providing convenience and cost-effectiveness.

explore different varieties of ventilators

Explore our diverse options of ventilators on rent and purchase. Some of our top choices include:

1. Bipap A40 – Ventilator

The BIPAP A40 Ventilator offers invasive and non-invasive ventilatory support for adult and pediatric patients weighing over 10 kg (22 lbs) dealing with conditions like Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), Respiratory Insufficiency, or Respiratory Failure. It is suitable for home and institutional/hospital use and can also be used in portable applications like wheelchairs and gurneys. Please note it is not intended for use as a transport ventilator or life support.

2. Trilogy 100 – Ventilator

The Philips Trilogy 100 ventilator is a versatile, user-friendly ventilator designed for home, hospital, and acute-care settings. It offers both invasive and non-invasive ventilatory support for adult and pediatric patients. With proprietary algorithms, it adapts to patients’ changing needs, providing flexibility, advanced technology, and ease of use in one device.

3. Stellar-100 Ventilator

The Stellar-100 Ventilator is a compact and lightweight ventilator suitable for both invasive and non-invasive use in adult and pediatric patients weighing over 13 kg. Whether you need it during a hospital stay or as a chronic patient at home with conditions like COPD, NMD, or OHS, the Stellar system prioritizes your comfort and convenience while delivering exceptional performance.

4. Lumis-100 Non Invasive Ventilator

The Resmed Lumis 100 VPAP S APAC with a humidifier is a non-invasive ventilator designed to assist patients with breathing difficulties. It is suitable for patients weighing over 13 kg and experiencing respiratory insufficiency or obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). This device is intended for both home and hospital use, and you can get the suitable NIV machine on rent or purchase from us.

5. Stellar-150 Ventilator

The Stellar 150 Ventilator is a versatile solution suitable for various care settings. Its design allows it to be used for adults and children, offering invasive and non-invasive ventilation options. This ventilator provides personalized ventilation and advanced remote monitoring capabilities. It prioritizes comfort and convenience with automatic adjustment features and a compact, lightweight design for easy mobility.

6. Lumis-150 Non Invasive Ventilator

The Resmed Lumis 150 VPAP ST APAC with a humidifier is a non-invasive ventilator designed to assist patients facing breathing difficulties. It is intended for non-invasive ventilation in patients weighing over 13 kg (or over 30 kg in iVAPS mode) dealing with respiratory insufficiency or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The Lumis 150 VPAP ST is suitable for home and hospital use, providing essential respiratory support to needy patients.

other equipment

1. Philips Home Nebulizer

The Philips Home Nebulizer is a compact and lightweight nebulizer compressor that ensures efficient and rapid medication delivery through its trusted SideStream technology. Weighing just 1.17 kg, the nebulizer machine is highly portable and convenient for home use. Additionally, the included disposable nebulizer is designed to last two weeks, ensuring the medication’s effectiveness over time.

2. Resmed Oxygen Port Connector

The ResMed Oxygen Sideport Connector lets you easily link your oxygen supply to various CPAP, BiPAP, VPAP, or BiLevel machines. The ResMed oxygen connector port is compatible with standard oxygen tubing. It allows for the continuous infusion of oxygen into your CPAP or BiLevel airflow throughout the night, enhancing your respiratory therapy.

3. Oxygen Cylinder: 5ltr/10ltr

Choose from our range of Oxygen Gas Cylinders, available in sizes 5 and 10 litres, to meet individual needs. These oxygen cylinders uphold the highest safety and quality standards through cutting-edge technology.

Committed to patient care, we supply Medical Oxygen to clinics, nursing homes, and directly to patients. Our portable liquid cylinders offer nearly twenty-eight times the capacity of standard liquid oxygen cylinders, ensuring a continuous oxygen supply for those who rely on them. Trust us for dependable oxygen solutions.

4. Quattro Air Full Face Mask (Ffm)

The Air Full Face Mask with Headgear is the latest iteration in the renowned Quattro mask series, boasting a 45% reduction in weight compared to the famous Mirage Quattro. With only four components, it’s easy to maintain and clean. The innovative Spring Air™ cushion design prioritizes a secure seal, especially at the nose bridge, enhancing comfort. The lightweight frame and cushion together deliver a more comfortable treatment experience.

reasons to buy respiratory care equipments online from portea

  1. Convenient Home Delivery: We bring our respiratory care products to your doorstep, saving you precious time and effort.
  2. Flexible Rental or Purchase Options: Choose between renting or buying respiratory equipment, providing you with the flexibility to access healthcare on your terms while making it more affordable.
  3. Service across various cities in India: Our services extend to various tier-1 and tier-2 cities across India, ensuring that our products are readily available to all our customers. 
  4. Diverse Range of Cardiac Care Equipment: Explore our extensive selection of BiPAP Machines, Oxygen Concentrator, Pulse Oximeter, Suction Apparatus, Nebulizers, and Ventilators, catering to diverse healthcare needs.
  5. Trusted Brands: We offer top-tier medical equipment from renowned brands like EZ Life, Niscomed, Philips, Stellar, Resmed and others, guaranteeing quality and reliability.
  6. Responsive Customer Support: Contact us for assistance via phone at 1800 121 2323 or through email at We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service to meet your needs effectively.


1. How do you clean respiratory equipment?

Effective cleaning of respiratory equipment is vital for hygiene and infection prevention. Cleaning methods differ depending on the equipment but generally include disassembly, washing with mild soap, thorough rinsing, and complete drying. Specific devices may require sterilization or disinfection with approved solutions. Adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions and consulting healthcare experts for particular cleaning and maintenance guidance ensures respiratory equipment’s safe and efficient use.

2. What are the different types of respiratory treatments?

Various respiratory treatments are available based on specific conditions and needs:

  • Inhalation Therapy: Delivers medications directly to the lungs through nebulizers or inhalers.
  • Oxygen Therapy: Provides extra oxygen through nasal cannulas or masks for those with low oxygen levels.
  • Airway Clearance Techniques: Chest physiotherapy, postural drainage, and percussion help clear mucus.
  • Non-invasive Ventilation: Uses devices like BiPAP or CPAP to support breathing without invasive procedures.
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Comprehensive programs improve lung function and manage respiratory conditions through exercise, education, and support.

Treatment choices depend on diagnosis, condition severity, and healthcare professional recommendations.

3. What machine is used for respiratory therapy?

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP) machines are vital in respiratory therapy. CPAP devices deliver consistent airflow at prescribed pressure levels, benefiting individuals with conditions like sleep apnea. In contrast, BiPAP machines offer two distinct pressure settings: higher during inhalation and lower during exhalation.

BiPAP machines are precious for patients experiencing respiratory distress or requiring breathing support. They enhance oxygenation and ventilation in individuals with respiratory issues.

4. How do you use a respiratory machine at home?

  • Ensure the machine is assembled and properly connected.
  • Position the mouthpiece or mask comfortably over your mouth and nose.
  • Start inhaling slowly and deeply through the mouthpiece or mask.
  • Hold your breath briefly to allow the medication to reach your airways.
  • Exhale slowly and thoroughly.
  • If instructed, repeat the process for the prescribed number of inhalations.
  • Clean and store the machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions after use.

5. What are respiratory devices used for?

Respiratory devices are used to address a range of respiratory conditions and issues. They assist in providing supplemental oxygen to individuals with low oxygen levels, aid in the delivery of medications to the lungs, clear airways of mucus and secretions, support breathing through non-invasive ventilation, and help manage conditions like sleep apnea. These devices aim to improve oxygenation, alleviate symptoms, and enhance respiratory health.

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