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At PORTEA, we offer comprehensive healthcare services to cater to your needs. Our services include providing expert nurses for home care, convenient doctor consultations, personalized physiotherapy sessions in the comfort of your home, and reliable caregivers to assist you.

For patients who rely on 9 Litre Oxygen Concentrators, we offer both rental and sale options and the necessary support. Our Invacare Platinum 9ltr equipment is a top-notch choice, ensuring high oxygen supply levels with its user-friendly flow meter and 9-litre capacity, delivering 87-96% purity. The proven platinum series technology and twin-head compressor guarantees exceptional reliability.

The -Sens O2 system enables continuous oxygen monitoring for added safety. The automatic circuit breaker also ensures extra protection while keeping maintenance costs low. Furthermore, its compatibility with HomeFill and portability make it easy for patients to carry wherever they go. Trust Portea for all your healthcare equipment and support needs.


  • Adjustable flow range: 1-9 L/min.
  • Oxygen outlet temperature: +2.2 / ambient temperature
  • Low oxygen flow sound alarm: < 1 L/min
  • Oxygen outlet pressure: 62kPa
  • Sound level: <50 dB average.
  • Concentration Alarms: >85% Green light, >73% Yellow light, <73% Red light and sound
  • Oxygen Concentration:
  • 7 L/min: 95.6 – 93%
  • 8 L/min: 95.6 – 91%
  • 9 L/min: 95.6 – 87%
  • Electrical requirements: 230 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Average power consumption: 475 W
  • Self-diagnostic system: failure code

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1. How long does an Invacare oxygen concentrator last?

The Invacare Platinum Mobile oxygen concentrator can last up to 5 hours with a single fully charged battery and 10 hours with two fully charged batteries, providing a convenient and reliable oxygen supply for extended periods.

2. Can an oxygen concentrator run 24 hours a day?

Yes, an oxygen concentrator can run 24 hours a day as it continuously produces oxygen from ambient air using electricity. Unlike cylinders, concentrators do not need refilling, making them convenient for continuous use. However, they have a limitation in the amount of oxygen they can supply, typically ranging from 5 to 10 litres per minute.

3. Can I sleep with an oxygen concentrator?

Yes, it is safe to sleep with a portable oxygen concentrator. Many people who use oxygen concentrators while sleeping have reported various health and well-being benefits. Sleeping with an oxygen concentrator ensures a continuous supply of oxygen, which can be especially beneficial for individuals with respiratory conditions or low oxygen levels. It is essential to follow the prescribed settings and guidelines healthcare professionals provide to ensure proper and safe usage during sleep.

4. How many hours a day should I use my oxygen concentrator?

The number of hours a day you should use your oxygen concentrator depends on your specific medical condition and the recommendations provided by your healthcare professional. Some individuals may need to use oxygen continuously, for at least 15 hours or more a day, while others may only require it during specific periods, such as sleep (nocturnal oxygen). Following your doctor’s advice and prescribed oxygen therapy plan is essential to ensure optimal health and well-being.

5. What are the side effects of oxygen concentrators? 

Oxygen therapy using an oxygen concentrator is generally safe but may lead to some side effects. These can include dry or bloody noses, fatigue, and morning headaches. It’s crucial to be cautious as oxygen can be a fire risk, so smoking or using flammable materials should be strictly avoided while using oxygen therapy. Always follow safety guidelines and consult your healthcare provider if you experience any adverse effects.

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