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when do you need at home
or video doctor consultation?

Certain inconvenient circumstances make it difficult for you to pay a visit to the doctor’s clinic in busy city of Bangalore for consultation, regular check-ups, and other medical assistance. In such conditions, in-home doctor consultation in Bangalore turns out highly beneficial for you. Some of the conditions that make it necessary for you to opt for at home doctor consultation are as listed below.

  • Chronic health problems or disorders that make traveling difficult
  • Busy work schedules and hectic lifestyles
  • Emergency or urgent medical assistance
  • Bedridden health conditions
  • Lack of time to visit clinic
  • Ill health of kids or infants that needs urgent medical attention
  • Aged individuals finding it inconvenient to commute to clinic

outstanding benefits of in-home doctor consultation in bangalore:

Traveling to consult a doctor all the way to the clinic in Bangalore can often be inconvenient or difficult for busy professionals, kids, aged individuals, or patients who need urgent medical attention. In such circumstances, counting on Portea helps you get the best doctor consultation in no time at your place of abode. We ensure you get the best medical attention of one of the expert and efficient doctors in Bangalore comfortably at your home. Here, we list some of the outstanding advantages of in-home doctor consultation.

Saves Your Time:

At-home doctor consultation saves your lot of time. You no more need to spend endless hours at the doctor’s clinic waiting in the queue till your number is called out, with doctor visiting your home. If you or your family members suffering from any chronic illness, such as diabetes, need doctor consultation frequently, then calling doctor at home as and when needed saves your ample of time and money.

Care For Your Family Members In Your Absence:

If you need to rush out of station for a few days to carry out your duties at work and at the same time any of your family members at home need diabetic care, ortho care, or any other medical assistance, on-call doctors in Bangalore can take care of your family members at home.

Provides Urgent Attention To Your Kids When Ill:

When your dear infant is crying continuously in pain and you can’t afford to wait in the queue at the doctor’s clinic in worry, doctor consultation at home can rescue you. Just one phone call will help you get an expert doctor at your doorstep to relieve your tiny tot from the pain and ensure you that your dear little angel is safe and comfortable.

how can portea help you in bangalore?

Portea strives to meet your unique health needs, cognitive abilities, and physical conditions, by offering personalized in-home doctor consultation in Bangalore and healthcare services and support to individuals of all age groups to help you enjoy a healthy and happy life. No matter whether you are recovering from any ailment, struggling with the natural ageing process, or combating with a chronic disability, Portea is at your service to serve you at your doorstep with the best doctor video consultation at home without costing you an arm and leg. Find below some of the best doctor consultation facilities and healthcare support that you can find beneficial by counting on Portea.

  • General Checkup
  • Diabetic Care
  • Ortho Care
  • Post-Hospitalization Cardiac Care
  • Post-Hospitalization Neuro Care
  • Home-Based Oncological Care

So, make no delay in contacting Portea to receive the best in-home doctor video consultation in Bangalore comfortably to enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Patient Testimonials


Mr Srinivasan P /Manjula Srinivasan

I would like to thank Ms Gajalakshmi Parthasarathy for the efficient arrangements for medical consultations for my parents, P.Srinivasan (93) and Manjula Srinivasan (87), including doctor....

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Doctor was very empathetic and knowledgeable.


Lata Shirali


Excellent Doctor with great empathy and time for the patient.