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Receiving doctor consultation at home is the most convenient and time-saving facility, particularly when you are residing in a bustling city like Mumbai. And, Portea is at your service to offer you the best in-home doctor consultation in Mumbai, no matter whether you need general health check-up or treatment for seasonal or chronic diseases.

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why in-home doctor consultation in mumbai is necessary?

Mumbai, also well-known as ‘City Of Dreams’, is home to busy professionals struggling to fulfil their aspirations and people finding work to make their fortune. Mumbai is also popular as the capital of Commerce and Entertainment. So, life in Mumbai is truly very busy. Receiving consultation at home makes life of Mumbai residents more convenient and easier than visiting the clinic. Find below some reasons that explain why in-home doctor consultation in Mumbai is necessary.

  • Lack Of Time: Individuals residing in busy Mumbai Metropolitan juggle balancing their responsibilities at work and home. So, Mumbai residents hardly find spare time out of their domestic and work schedule to sit in the long waiting queue at doctor’s clinic for consultation. In such circumstances, in-home doctor consultation in Mumbai proves highly beneficial, most convenient, and time-saving to receive medical guidance.
  • Inconvenient Travel: Traffic congestion is a norm in the bustling city of Mumbai. You can get stuck in traffic anywhere, no matter how far or near are you traveling. Traveling to the doctor’s clinic in Mumbai for consultation can cost you a lot time as well as proves to be an exhaustive experience. In such circumstances, doctor consultation at home can help prevent your traveling hassles.
  • The Need Of Urgent Medical Attention: Whether your infant is crying continuously, child is sick, your aged parents are feeling uneasy, or you are down with fever and unable to get out of the house, getting urgent doctor consultation at home can help you and your loved ones get relief from the discomfort quickly. Calling our doctor nearby you will help you receive medical assistance in no time in case of emergency.

crucial circumstances that call for at home doctor consultation:

When you or your family members need health check-up or are suffering from any health issues, receiving at home doctor consultation turns out to be a convenient and relaxing experience. It not only saves your time but also energy that you waste in traveling and sitting in long waiting queues at clinic. Here are some circumstances that call in-home doctor consultation.

Post-Hospitalization Cardiac Care:

If any of your loved ones suffering from cardiac problems got discharged from hospital, then our post-hospitalization cardiac care at home can be highly beneficial. Get in-home doctor service by calling Portea to ensure good cardiac health of you or your family members post-hospitalization.

General Health Check-ups:

Regular health check-ups are crucial for everyone, particularly for aged individuals and kids. Make your regular health check-ups a convenient experience by calling a doctor at your home by counting on Portea.

Diabetic Care:

Individuals suffering from diabetes need to get their blood sugar levels checked often, at least once in 3 months. Simply calling one of our doctors nearby you can help you receive the best diabetic care at home.

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