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advantages of in-home doctor or video consultation in hyderabad:

Doctor consultation at home comes with numerous benefits, particularly in a bustling city like Hyderabad. Find below some advantages of in-home doctor consultation in Hyderabad.

Medical Attention For Bedridden Patients:

Serious illness, paralysis, painful conditions, age-related problems, and other conditions may make it necessary for the affected patient to have bed rest. In such circumstances, doctor consultation at home can make it the most convenient experience for the bedridden patient to receive medical attention without any travel hassles.

Urgent Medical Care For Infants And Kids:

If your baby gets fevers all of a sudden or your toddler is in pain crying continuously, you simply can’t afford to sit in the long waiting queue at the clinic or hospital to see the doctor. In-home doctor consultation in Hyderabad ensures that your baby or toddler receives urgent medical attention at your doorstep. You will have expert doctors taking the right care of your child in comfort of your home.

Treats Chronic Health Conditions At Home:

Certain chronic health issues or disorders, such as paralysis or Parkinson’s disease, make it difficult for the patient to commute to and fro from the doctor’s clinic for regular follow-ups. In-home doctor consultation service helps you have doctor visiting your home for regular health check-ups and follow-ups. Receive the best medical attention at your doorstep without any concerns.

when do you need in-home doctor consultation in hyderabad?

In-home doctor consultation is one of the most beneficial, most comfortable, reliable, safe, and affordable solutions for most residents of Hyderabad. Find below some circumstances that calls for consultation at home.

Reduced Mobility:

Certain health problems, such as age-related concerns, fatigue, chronic ailment, or any other concern, can make it difficult for the patient to move or travel from one place to another. With reduced mobility, you may find it difficult to visit to your doctor’s clinic. Doctor consultation at home addresses your health concern in comfort of your home without having you to travel all the way to clinic. Improve your mobility with assistance of the best doctors.

Painful Condition:

If you suffer from any injury or any health concern that bothers you with continuous pain, then commuting to the doctor’s clinic could be a hassle for you. Receiving treatment and medical attention at your home can save your traveling concerns, energy, and time and help you recover in comfort of your home.

Cardiac Problems:

When dealing with cardiac health concerns, you may need to visit hospital for regular follow-ups, tests, and health check-ups. In-home doctor consultation in Hyderabad can help you receive the necessary medical attention at your doorstep while you are. Get the best cardiac care from the expert healthcare professionals at home and get well soon in comfort of your home.

why you should choose portea for doctor consultation at home?

A team of expert and experienced doctors at Portea strives to provide you the best consultation in comfort of your home. Whether you simply need general health check-ups or post-hospitalization neuro care or cardiac care, our highly experienced healthcare professionals and on-call doctors in Hyderabad are there to meet your medical requirements and treat you to help you have quick relief.

So, simply get in contact with us and receive the best doctor consultation at home for a quick relief.

why choose our doctor video consultation service?

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Mr Srinivasan P /Manjula Srinivasan

I would like to thank Ms Gajalakshmi Parthasarathy for the efficient arrangements for medical consultations for my parents, P.Srinivasan (93) and Manjula Srinivasan (87), including doctor....

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Doctor was very empathetic and knowledgeable.


Lata Shirali


Excellent Doctor with great empathy and time for the patient.