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health issues that in-home doctor consultation can deal effectively:

Doctor consultation at home can help you deal with some of the most challenging health problems. Here are some of the health issues for which you can rely upon doctor consultation service.

  • Neurological Health Problems: Various neurological health problems, such as cerebral palsy, brain tumors, epilepsy, and other concerns can make it difficult for you to perform your daily activities smoothly. You may find it difficult or exhaustive to visit your doctor’s clinic for check-ups. Calling one of the expert on-call doctors at home in Delhi-NCR can help you get the best medical attention at your place of abode, no matter whether you need consultation for general check-up, guidance for improving your quality of life, or regular follow-ups.
  • Orthopedic Health Concerns: Whether you are suffering from acute back pain, fracture in bones, sports injury, or Parkinson’s disease, in-home doctor consultation in Delhi-NCR can help you have relief from any orthopedic problem. Experts doctors at Portea provide excellent orthopaedic care that helps you improve your flexibility, mobility, and strength and restore smooth functioning of your body.
  • Cancer:
  • Battling with cancer is truly a challenging task. If you or any of your family members are fighting cancer, counting on expert and experienced on-call doctors in Delhi-NCR can help you obtain relief in comfort of your home. Our home-based oncological care is an excellent solution to help minimize your discomfort without having you to visit the hospital.

how in-home doctor video consultation is beneficial for different age-groups:

For Kids:

If your dear little one happens to suffer from any infection, disease, or any other health problem, call one of the experienced on-call doctors in Delhi-NCR for the best consultation in comfort of your home. You no more need to take your kids to the clinic, wait in the long queue to see the doctor, and run to get medicines and tests done with our doctors visiting your home. Expert doctors from Portea would assess, diagnose, and treat your child to help him or her feel better as soon as possible.

For Grown-Ups:

Often, grown-up in Delhi-NCR are extremely busy managing their professional and domestic responsibilities. So, they hardly have any time to visit doctor’s clinic. Relying on doctor consultation a home can prove to be the most convenient option to receive the best medical attention comfortably at their home.

For Aged Individuals:

Traveling all the way to the doctor’s clinic and back home can be one of the most discomforting and exhaustive experiences for aged people. In-home doctor consultation in Delhi-NCR can help save your energy, time, and money as it provides all necessary medical attention at your doorstep at affordable rates.

why can you relyon portea for in-homedoctor consultation delhi-ncr?

Portea focusses on the medical needs of patients suffering from various health concerns by providing them the best medical attention in comfort of their home. Our doctors would take the right care of you and your family members, no matter whether it’s an infant, child, adults, or elderly individual suffering from any health issue.

So, wait no more, simply get in touch with us at Portea to receive the best in-home doctor consultation in Delhi-NCR at your own place of abode, and stay fit and fine always.

Patient Testimonials


Mr Srinivasan P /Manjula Srinivasan

I would like to thank Ms Gajalakshmi Parthasarathy for the efficient arrangements for medical consultations for my parents, P.Srinivasan (93) and Manjula Srinivasan (87), including doctor....

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Doctor was very empathetic and knowledgeable.


Lata Shirali


Excellent Doctor with great empathy and time for the patient.