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common reasons for opting video consultation or in-home doctor consultation in pune:

Most individuals residing in Pune are busy working professionals who hardly have any time to visit a doctor’s clinic and spend hours sitting in its waiting queue to see the doctor. So, receiving doctor consultation at home helps you save time, money, and energy and get a good relief without leaving your home. Read on to find some advantages of in-home doctor consultation.

  • Cost-Effective Healthcare Service:While receiving doctor consultation at home, you can complete all formalities and processes, which you usually need to do at hospitals, conveniently from your place of abode at a fraction of the cost. You can save a good amount of money by calling one of our on-call doctors in Mumbai at home, particularly when you or your loved ones require frequent medical attention. Besides, doctor consultation at home for terminally ill individuals can be quite cost-effective.
  • Offer Urgent Medical Attention To Kids:Infant care and child care are on priority of all parents, no matter whether they are working professionals or housewives. When your baby falls sick and cries continuously in pain, you can’t afford to travel all the way to the doctor’s clinic, wait in the queue for a long time to see the doctor, and rush at various healthcare centers to get your infant’s tests done. In such circumstances, in-home doctor consultation in Pune can prove beneficial. Count on Portea to get an experienced doctor at your doorstep in no time to treat your crying infant and help him have relief.
  • Saves You From Exhaustion: When you are ill, traveling all the way to and fro to doctor’s clinic and waiting in the queue can be quite exhausting experience. Save your energy and time by calling one of our on-call doctors in Pune to get yourself treated at your own place of abode as you relax at home.

portea’s different in-home doctor consultation service in pune

You need in-home doctor consultation in Pune for your various health concerns.  Find below some common at home doctor consultation facilities that we offer.

Ortho Care:

If you or your parents or any other family members happen to suffer from orthopaedic problems, such as spinal deformities, fractures, discomfort of arthritis, joint replacements, and other concerns, do not panic. Leave it to our home-based doctor consultation service to drive away your pain in no time.

Post-Hospitalization Neuro Care:

Post-hospitalization neuro care is crucial for patients suffering from nervous system disorders. Call us to receive excellent post-hospitalization neuro care from an expert and experienced doctor at your place abode to recover quickly.

Oncology Care At Home:

Dealing with cancer is indeed very difficult. Portea strives to offer you the best oncological care at home. Contact us to receive the best oncology care and doctor consultation in the comfort of your home.

why choose portea for in-home doctor video consultation in pune?

Portea excels in providing excellent healthcare services and doctor consultation at home anywhere in Pune to individuals of all age groups. Here, we list some benefits of choosing us.

  • Cost-effective and energy and time saving consultation service at your doorstep.
  • Urgent medical assistance in case of emergency
  • Reasonable and affordable rates
  • Expert and experienced doctors offering consultation
  • Get medicines delivered at your doorstep and exclusive discounts on them

So, whenever you need doctor consultation, call us without a second thought and receive the best medical attention in comfort of your home

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Mr Srinivasan P /Manjula Srinivasan

I would like to thank Ms Gajalakshmi Parthasarathy for the efficient arrangements for medical consultations for my parents, P.Srinivasan (93) and Manjula Srinivasan (87), including doctor....

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Doctor was very empathetic and knowledgeable.


Lata Shirali


Excellent Doctor with great empathy and time for the patient.