diabetes care

Diabetes is the world’s largest lifestyle disease claiming millions of lives in a year. At Portea we’ve created a comprehensive solution to help patients manage their diabetes effectively and lead long, healthy lives.

Counselling Session

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Our Diabetes care Program

Portea’s Diabetes Care Program is created with a vision to help people manage their Diabetes in a natural and comfortable way. Our expert counsellors will work with you to help you track, manage and lower your blood sugar levels. Your counsellor will create your personalized diet plan depending on your preferences and lifestyles.

Our team of Diabetic nurses and nutritionists work closely (on phone) with every patient to help them on a range of issues, with the overarching aim to increase blood sugar levels.

Our Offering

Diabetes Care Package @Rs.999

  • One Touch Verio Flex Glucometer
  • Nutrition Counselling For A Month
  • 10 Free Strips

One Touch glucometer: We have partnered with Johnson & Johnson to use their Bluetooth enabled Glucometer, allowing the patient and the doctor to see all the past readings anytime anywhere (through web for doctors and mobile app for patients). It’s very simple to use and all glucose data is synced at one place. 

Nutrition counselling: A team of experts will look at your sugar levels basis your glucometer readings and help you with right nutrition and exercise plan.

10 FREE strips, to help you get started in the first week. You can also order additional strips at a 10% discount.

Discount on Strips Refill

  • 50 Strips at Rs.999
  • 100 Strips at Rs.1700

Diabetes Statistics

  • 1 out of every 10 people in India is either Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic
  • 1 out of 2 adults with Diabetes is undiagnosed
  • 50 million people suffering from type-2 diabetes.
  • An estimated 3.4 million deaths are caused due to high blood sugar



Mrs. Manisha

“I am really grateful to my Health Coach. She ensured all my questions were answered and played a crucial role in my smooth delivery”