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Diabetes is a health condition that is known to us all. In India, there is a high ratio of diabetic people and the number is rising at a fast pace every year. 

Due to our unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, this disease has become quite prevalent in all age groups.

If you have diabetes, there’s a decent possibility that you take medicines to assist you in dealing with the condition. And keeping in mind that there are numerous issues and worries around taking diabetic meds, including cost and results, the fact of the matter is non-adherence or helpless adherence — which means, not accepting the medication as endorsed — is a genuine concern. Truth be told, a good portion of individuals who have diabetes don’t accept their drug as coordinated. Not taking medicine at all or as guided can prompt a large group of major issues, including expanded medical services costs, more hospitalizations, and more deaths.

The healthcare sector is emerging at a good pace in our nation. Different companies are there to provide you with healthcare services at the comfort of your home. Portea’s Diabetes Care Program is made with a dream to assist individuals with dealing with their Diabetes in a characteristic and agreeable manner. Our master advocates will work with you to enable you to follow, oversee and bring down your glucose levels. Your advisor will make your customized diet plan contingent upon your inclinations and ways of life.

timing is the key

There are various sorts of diabetes drugs accessible and you may be taking more than one kind. In case you don’t know when to take your blood sugar meds, ask your drug specialist. 

And keeping in mind that it very well may be simpler or more advantageous to take the entirety of your drugs simultaneously, it’s essential to understand that the activity of your medication (which means, how it works) might be exceptionally reliant upon when you take it. 

We are sure that there are different questions that hit your mind such as the right time to take Januvia medicine to can I take glimepiride at night or not? It is important to take your meds on time.

Likewise, know that not taking your medications now and again recommended can put you in danger for hypoglycemia (low glucose) or hyperglycemia (high glucose). 

how to monitor insulin intake?

When to take insulin before or after meals?

The response to this inquiry relies upon a couple of things. Above all, however, is the sort of insulin that you take. Please consult your doctor for exact consultation. We are putting across generic suggestions just for you reference. For instance, quick or fast-acting insulins, for example, lispro (Humalog), glulisine (Apidra), and aspart (Novolog, Fiasp), are intended to be taken 10 to 15 minutes prior to eating. The new quick-acting insulin Fiasp is taken right toward the beginning of dinner or inside 20 minutes of beginning a feast. Fiasp begins to work several minutes after you infuse it. 

Regular insulin, which is short-acting insulin, is commonly taken 15 to 30 minutes before your dinner. 

NPH, a halfway acting insulin, is regularly offered 30 to an hour prior to supper or at sleep time. 

Long-acting insulins, for example, glargine (Lantus, Basaglar, Toujeo) and detemir (Levemir), are frequently taken at sleep time, yet in addition in the first part of the day. Since these insulins are viewed as “peakless” and are kinds of basal insulin, taking them isn’t reliant on your dinner times. Notwithstanding, it’s typically suggested that you take long-acting insulins at about a similar time every day, plus or minus 60 minutes.

meaning of important abbreviations

In the event that you investigate your prescription, you may see a few abbreviations that don’t bode well. These may be Latin or English shortenings that drug stores use to show how and when a particular medication should be taken. Here are some basic shortened forms and what they mean:

• qd: every day

• bid: twice a day

• tid: three times a day

• qid: four times a day

• qhs: each night

• ac: before meals

• pc: after meals

• prn: as needed

• po: by mouth

• pr: rectally

• sl: sublingually

• IM: intramuscularly (by a needle)

• IV: intravenously (by a needle)

• SQ: subcutaneously (by a needle)

healthy foods and blood sugar chart

In order to maintain your normal blood sugar levels, it is important to make sure you keep track through blood sugar charts and diabetes medication charts. Also having a healthy diet is very important for a diabetes patient. High fibrous foods, cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits, whole nuts, etc are just to name a few.

Rare Side Effects of Anti-diabetes Tablets

A wide range of diabetes meds is accessible, with each playing out an alternate capacity. Numerous individuals with diabetes need to take more than one kind of pill, with some taking pills which consolidate two sorts of medication in one tablet. This may have some side effects such as:

  • Sulfonylureas: low glucose, disturbed stomach, skin rash or tingling, weight gain 
  • Biguanides/Metformin: affliction with liquor, kidney inconveniences, disturbed stomach, sluggishness or dizziness, metal taste 
  • Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors: gas, swelling, and looseness of the bowels 
  • Thiazolidinediones: weight gain, the danger of liver infection, weakness hazard, expanding of legs or lower legs, 
  • Meglitinides: weight increase, low glucose

Blood sugar levels can be monitored and controlled with regular exercise, consistent monitoring, and timely medication. Stay aware and stay healthy!

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