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what is diabetes foot care?

Foot care in case of a diabetes patient is of utmost importance to avoid any form of foot-related complications. In general, 1 out of 10 patients suffers from foot ulcers which develop from a small blister eventually leading to even amputation if not taken care of at the right time. Thus diabetes foot care is required to avoid such complications.

what causes diabetes foot?

Diabetes causes two types of problems that lead to diabetes feet-

  • Diabetes neuropathy: Diabetes if not kept under control can damage the nerves of the feet and damaged nerves cause sensation problems. This lack of feeling of heat, cold or pain is termed as diabetes neuropathy. So, when a person doesn’t even realize the pain associated with a cut, there are chances that the wound would even get worse. When this happens, the muscles don’t work properly because of the nerve that is already damaged. This results in creating an imbalance of the alignment of the foot creating extra pressure in a particular area of the foot. Such causes lead to diabetes foot.
  • Peripheral vascular disease: Diabetes restricts the normal flow of blood. Due to this, a wound takes time to heal completely. This improper flow of blood in the arms and legs is called peripheral vascular disease. As a result of this circulation disorder, the chances of developing an ulcer in the foot or gangrene increases manifold.

diabetic foot treatment

The diabetic foot treatment is very important to treat diabetic ulcers. With the help of therapeutic footwear, the management of diabetes feet is done. Usually, as a part of the diabetes foot care, daily saline or changing the dressing helps in providing a moist environment to the wound. Apart from this, for diabetes foot treatment, antibiotics are also prescribed if there is cellulitis or osteomyelitis. Controlling blood sugar and evaluating and correcting insufficiency in the peripheral artery is also a part of diabetes foot management. Diabetes often causes infection in the nail or toes referred to as diabetic toes. As a part of the diabetes foot care, diabetes foot treatment, and management process toenail care is also an important aspect.

diabetes foot care tips

As mentioned earlier, diabetes can lead to nerve damage or improper circulation of blood resulting in infections, therefore diabetes foot care plays a very vital role. In order to stay healthy, management of diabetes by inculcating healthy lifestyle is the key. To keep diabetes foot at bay and maintain a healthy lifestyle, these should be followed-

  • A regular medical checkup that includes checking the cholesterol, blood sugar as well as a thorough examination of the feet
  • Keeping a check and evaluation of blood sugar regularly
  • Exercising regularly
  • Having a balanced diet and intake of vegetables and fruits daily
  • Also, by taking care of the feet and by proper toenail care, diabetes feet can be prevented.

However, there are few diabetes foot care tips that can be followed regularly-

  • Inspecting the feet: Even if there is no pain, make sure to check every part of the feet to find out any signs of blisters, redness or soreness. Contact your doctor at the earliest if you observe any such symptoms.
  • Washing the feet: Making it a habit to wash the feet regularly with mild soap and warm water is a very important diabetes foot care tips. Check the temperature of the water with the fingers if you have damaged nerves and lack sensation. Even if you have diabetes foot pain, doing this step can ease your pain. Also, there are many diabetes foot care products available in the market that can be used for soaking the feet instead of soap.
  • Drying the feet: It is important to keep the feet always dry after washing to avoid the occurrence of any form of infection. Patting the feet dry with a clean towel is recommended.
  • Moisturizing the skin: Using diabetes foot care products or any form of mild moisturizer after drying the feet is advised to avoid the skin from becoming dry.

For toenail, make sure to cut only when nails are soft. Also, while cutting do not cut the corners as this may lead to infection. For patients having poor eyesight, the healthcare provider can be contacted to avoid any serious injuries.

how can we help on diabetes foot care?

Portea has been a supporting hand in helping you to fight against diabetes foot by providing the best form of diabetes foot care. We have experienced nurses who are trained in diabetic foot care nursing. With the knowledge about diabetes foot care products, we help in treating your ulcers effectively. Even for elderly patients who need external help for managing the foot ulcers, our team at Portea will not only help them to carry out the task but will also show them the way towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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