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nursing care for infusion therapy

From handling medications to self-care assistance like bathing and dressing, Portea’s in-home nursing services provide stamina and physical independence to patients, recovering from illness, hospital stay or surgery. Our highly qualified, trained fleet of nurses is available at your convenience to provide around-the-clock care.

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infusion therapy

As per the Infusion Therapy definition, it can be defined as an alternative to oral treatment. Infusion is monitoring the medication with the help of a sterile catheter which is put inside the vein. Traditionally, this method is used in the hospitals and there are different infusion services which you can avail. Even at your homes, you can opt for different home infusion services which are done by the specialists.
If you will go for a better infusion company, you will get trained professional nurses which will be licensed by the state board of pharmacies. Here, all the standard of the government is met which provides professional services at an effective rate.

infusion therapy treatment

The method of Infusion is used for the treatment of chronic or serious infections which are not treated with antibiotics. Such causes can include Cancers and the divergent pain which is caused by cancer, dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting and other complex diseases.
Here, in this case, opting for home infusion therapy can be the best ever therapy that one can opt for.
Some of the better examples of Infusion Therapies are:

  • Anti-Coagulation Therapy
  • Antibiotic/ Antiviral
  • Anti-Emetics
  • Anti-Hemophilic Factors
  • Blood Component Stimulating Factor
  • Chemotherapy
  • Enteral Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Pain Management
  • Total Parental Nutrition

home infusion therapy

By opting for home infusion services, you can get innovative and comprehensive set of services with different care options. Right in the comfort of your home, the home services can reduce the long stays in hospital and dealing with expensive hospital bills. In different Infusion therapy, you can even go for IV infusion in a comfortable and safer setting.

Either a patient is recovering from surgery or ongoing a surgery treatment, one can go for different home care infusion services with the help of a trusted health provider. Right from the first interaction with the customer to giving professional home treatment, the professionals can help the patients with all form of infusions.

benefits of opting for home care infusion therapy services

Though the patient will stay at home for every medical infusion therapy, still, there are some benefits which he/she can avail. At home, the patient will be given complete care for treatment of infusion as well as for other nutritional requirements. There will be a pharmacy team present which will work with the physicians to create accurate plans for treatment.
Further, with the inclusion of advanced technologies, infusion home care will turn out to be useful for almost every patient. For infusion therapy, the home infusion pump is present in the hospital. In case of a home, still, the same pump can be used for delivering fluids in a patient’s body. This is done in a controllable manner and is useful in pain medication.

What Are the Infusion Therapies given through Home Infusion Care?

Through Infusion Homecare, you can get the given below therapies:

  • Anti-emetics
  • Catheter Maintenance
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hydration
  • Immune Globulin Therapy
  • Inotropic Therapies
  • IV antibiotics for infectious disease
  • Nutritional Therapies
  • Pain Management Therapies

iv infusion therapy

The IV infusion therapy also known as Intravenous therapy helps in delivering liquid substances directly into the veins. This route of administration is beneficial compared to injections where a syringe is used at high pressure.
The IV Infusion therapy is the faster way of delivering fluids throughout the body. This type of therapies can be used as a fluid replacement. In either case, a patient can even go for home IV infusion care which is done by specialists and professionals.

different types of infusions

Continuous Infusion:

This type of infusion is used for correcting the electrolyte and fluid imbalances. It is the opposite of intermittent infusion where the patient requires medication at a specific time.

Secondary IV:

Any secondary infusion which is in connection with the primary tubing is known as Secondary IV. Instead of using multiple catheters, this treatment can be beneficial at times. In this medication, the primary bag is held at a lower level than a secondary bag with the intention of a proper tube flow.

IV Push:

In this infusion therapy, the syringe is connected to the access port in the primary tubing. The medication is administered with the help of port and the syringe plunger is slowly pressed.

how can we help?

Well, Infusion treatment can be a tricky task if you are receiving it at home. But with the help of Portea, you can get the best home infusion therapies at an affordable price. Here, the nurses are well trained and the specialists have adequate knowledge in using the Infusion therapy.
We know the importance of Infusion therapy and its marvelous benefits if done in the right way. So move ahead, find us by typing home infusion services and we will be there at your doorstep to help you out in every possible way.


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My father had a surgery and required regular healthcare services. Portea has greatly helped him with their in-home healthcare services.

I would like to thank you for the nursing services arranged during the last 10 days. Appreciate your help. I would like to mention Antony (Nursing co-coordinator) for the excellent support and help.

Kudos to @PorteaMedical
for taking care of my senior citizen parents and a physically challenged sister in Lucknow at this hour of need when the existing caretaker left in the middle of lockdown ..within a day the arrangements were made can’t thank you enough! #inthistogether