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Dr. Udaya Kumar Maiya (MBBS, MD, DNB(RT), DCCF (Paris), Medical Director, Portea.

One of the most common forms of cancer is mouth cancer. The mouth cancer definition states that it is a particular growth or a sore in the mouth that just refuses to go away.

Also known as oral cancer, this cancer can include several regions of the tongue, lips, mouth floor, palates, sinuses and the throat as well. This particular type of cancer can be fatal to the patients if they don’t opt for mouth cancer care at the nearest hospital.

There are credible companies like Portea that also provide options of mouth cancer treatment at home. It is perfect for those who want to have the convenience of mouth cancer care at home. The doctors and nurses for mouth cancer treatment are provided by the centers to provide mouth cancer care.

mouth cancer types

There are different mouth cancer types and they occur in different parts of the body. The mouth cancer tests can be used for the determination of these types.

  • Tongue
  • Lips
  • Cheek’s inner lining
  • Soft and hard palates
  • Mouth floor
  • Gums

mouth cancer symptoms

There are many examples of mouth cancer symptoms in people. These symptoms can be used by the doctors for the diagnosis of cancer. With the help of that, they will be able to devise a proper mouth cancer treatment plan.

Here are some of the most common mouth cancer symptoms in people. If you see any one or more, then going for a mouth cancer diagnostic test will be helpful.

  • Several bumps and lumps in the mouth area and swelling as well
  • Patches developed that are white, speckled or red in color
  • Bleeding occurrences in mouth
  • Numbness in the neck, mouth, or any particular area of the face
  • Throat experienced soreness
  • Sores that occur in the mouth, face, and neck
  • Difficulty to chew, speak or move the tongue and jaw
  • Pain in the ear
  • Weight loss

For those who see these mouth cancer symptoms, it is advisable to go for diagnosis and subsequently opt for hospital or mouth cancer home treatment immediately. If you are not able to go to the hospital, you could opt for mouth cancer home treatment options.

mouth cancer causes

There are many reasons why mouth cancer happens in people. Here are the common mouth cancer causes:

  • Tobacco: This is one of the most common causes of mouth cancer in people. Smoking cigarettes, eating tobacco causes oral cancer
  • Alcohol: This is another reason why people end up paying for mouth cancer treatment at home or in a hospital. Regular consumption of alcohol can cause mouth cancer
  • Exposure To Sun: Sometimes, mouth cancer that happens in the lips of a person is due to long and regular sun exposure
  • Genetic Reasons: A family history of any type of mouth, neck or throat cancer can be another reason that people have mouth cancer
  • Poor Nutrition: Many people have very poor nutrition habits. The deficiency of fruits and vegetables in diet can accelerate mouth cancer.

mouth cancer stages

There are four different stages in the development of mouth cancer.

  • Stage 1: It is the first cancer stages that happen at the very beginning and the tumor here is about 2 cms big. This stage isn’t that serious and can be treated if the person opts for a timely treatment.
  • Stage 2: In this stage, the tumor spreads to 4 cms. It is advised to go for a treatment immediately
  • Stage 3: This third mouth cancer stage is when cancer starts spreading to the body’s lymph nodes
  • Stage 4: This is the final stage and at this point, cancer spreads to the different regions of the body as well

Depending on the mouth cancer stages, the Portea doctors devise a plan for the mouth cancer treatment at home. Mouth cancer screening tests can be done for the determination of the stage and the types. It is critical for the people to go for quick and proper mouth cancer care at home or hospital so that the condition doesn’t worsen.

diagnosis of mouth cancer

All cancer specialists have certain methods that they can use for mouth cancer diagnosis. Most doctors would want the patient to go for a mouth cancer diagnostic test to determine cancer.

They also use certain other mouth cancer tests, medical records of the patients and other physical examinations for the diagnosis.

In many cases, mouth cancer screening tests are also used in order to determine the mouth cancer and thereby plan a proper mouth cancer treatment at home or at a hospital.

mouth cancer treatment

The mouth cancer treatment depends on the type and the stage of cancer, the age and health status of the patient, and the time. Here are some options.

  • Surgery: This is a common method of mouth cancer treatment in the early stages. Surgical procedures are used for the removal of the tumor
  • Radiation therapy: Directing the radiation beams towards the tumor can help in the treatment of mouth cancer. This usually takes about 8 weeks or more
  • Chemotherapy: This method is used along with radiation for killing the cancerous cells
  • Nutrition: Better nutrition can help patients fight mouth cancer strongly. They can opt for mouth cancer care at home for a proper diet plan.

how can we help?

At Portea, the doctors and the nurses for mouth cancer are experts who will care for the patients with dedication and compassion. The patients with mouth cancer are provided with the best methods of treatment and mouth cancer care.

Portea provides mouth cancer care at home for those patients who are not able to visit the hospital very frequently. With the help of a dedicated team of oncologists and some of the most advanced types of equipment, Portea provides excellent and effective forms of mouth cancer care and treatment to those who are in the need for it.

When you choose Portea, you can be assured that you will have the best care.

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