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respite care definition

The respite care definition, defines the respite care services as a short – term or temporary care of the aged or the sick, for a few hours or weeks, to offer relief or respite to the regular caregiver.

what is respite care?

Respite care simply explained is nothing but a short break for the regular caregiver. Respite care is given to the sick or elderly people, so that the usual caregiver for them can have a little break. This could be a short term respite care for a few hours or be as long you need them to be.
Anybody trained to care for the elderly or the chronically sick can provide respite care services. Respite care can take place anywhere – in the elderly home, at special day care centres or in a residential centre that offer overnight stay.
Respite care could be an emergency or planned leaves of the caregiver. This respite care for caregivers’ is extremely important as care-giving is a 24*7 job and can lead to the caregiver’s burnout. So in order to help them relax and rejuvenate, so that they can come back to their job with a fresh vigour, respite services are quite important.

types of respite care

The varied types of respite care are as follows;

  • In – home respite care
  • Respite (out of home) services:
  • Respite and community:
  • Group homes and respite
  • Specialised facility
  • Emergency respite
  • Sitter – companion services
  • Therapeutic Adult day care

who needs respite care?

Care-giving is a tedious job that requires daily 24*7 commitments from the caregiver, leaving them little or no time for their personal needs. This can be exhaustive especially for caregivers of the following types of people;

  • Respite care for cancer patients
  • Respite care for brain injury patients
  • Respite care for elderly with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Respite care for elderly with stroke
  • Respite care for the blind

planning respite care

It is crucial to properly plan respite care, with proper temporary caregiver arrangement to avoid upsetting the routine of the elderly. However, emergency respite care can be given to caregiver in certain situations like unexpected events, sudden illness or bereavement.

what will be cost for respite care at home?

The respite care costs are depended upon the respite care provider, the type of the temporary care, the length of respite care and the type of care involved.

how can we help?

If you are looking for respite care for the elderly or respite care for adults look no further, our at-home healthcare services has you covered. Our representative caregivers are trained and can smoothly replace the regular caregiver and provide private respite care for as long as you need. So, if you are looking for caregiver respites just give us a call and we will take it from there.

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