elder care services in pune

Portea is focused on providing the highest quality elderly care services in Pune. From clinical support to case management, Portea has a range of Medical services. Not many people are fortunate to have their parents around after a certain age. But if you do, as rewarding as it is to have them around, it is also overwhelming to take care of them. We, at Portea, understand this and we are here to help you with it.

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what is elder care services in pune?

One needs to understand what exactly geriatric care comprise of before going ahead. These services are designed to maintain your independence and a healthy fulfilling lifestyle. So, if you are seeking help for your loved ones, these services are just perfect. Reach out and get to know us better. Call us now if you are looking for elder care service near me in Pune.

what elderly dependents need the most?

More and more elders in our country can avail around the clock care at home, based on the individual requirements. We, at Portea, aim to fulfil all of their requirements. The elderly and medical needs, help to gain the happiness they deserve. We provide a range of elderly help services in Pune that include

Customized plans

You can create completely custom plans that suit your needs. Such plans will help you cater to and focus on your issues better.

In-Home medical services

A variety of medical services like Physiotherapy, lab tests, oxygen administration can now be performed in your home. You do not have to take your parents to the hospital every now and then. Doctors will come visit them.

Mobilisation support

We encourage any kind of effort to move around more on their part and we offer our maximum support for it as well. Elderly caretaker will help them move around. The same will be provided for exercise mobility as well.

Personal Care

Our efficient nurses take the utmost care with the hygiene and cleanliness. They will help with bathing and dressing, along with other personal care like foot care, nail care and hair care.

Daily tasks

There is nothing better than getting help in mundane daily tasks. The Nurses’ help will also cheer them up.

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