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what is elder care services?

In the Elder (geriatric) care services, the elderly-dependent gets all the medical and general help. Portea offers in-home elder care services where you get in-home physiotherapy sessions, doctor’s consultationsnurses, and elderly caretaker. The complete services include general eldercare, post-operative care, and physiotherapy sessions & more.

what are the common needs of elderly- dependants?

The needs of the elderly-dependent depend on their health condition. But there are some needs that are common to all.

Our Geriatric Services include


Most of the times, elderly-dependents lose all the emotional connection with their loved ones. This is mainly because they feel lack of self-worth which makes them all cranky. Caregivers need to ignite the emotional connectedness. The family should make them feel wanted. Also, the elders must be active with a community. This will help them feel that they belong here.


Sometimes, with the ageing, people lose the competitive spirit. This makes them feel that there is no purpose to their life. So, it is important that you keep reminding your parents/grandparents of their achievements so that they don’t lose the feeling of competence. Also, look out for signs of depression. Keep reminding them that life is full of possibilities. New experiences are just out there.

Staying Active

Mobility is very important. If the elder has a problem in moving, get them a walker, cane, mobility chair or just a simple wheelchair, depending on their condition. Get the required equipment otherwise, they could hurt themselves doing daily tasks.


Consult a nutritionist and create a daily meal plan. An elderly person needs proper nutrition more than the young. You can even hire an elderly meal service that will help your loved ones eat right. So, call us now if you are looking for elder care service near me in Jaipur.

Personal care

It is an essential necessity of life. Sometimes, depending on their health condition, the elderly-dependent might need help getting up, bathing and dressing. You can hire an eldercare professional to help them with these daily tasks.

how does portea help elders in jaipur?

At Portea, we offer the best in-home eldercare service program. It includes:

1. A Dedicated manager

A manager will be assigned to you. He will look after your parents/grandparents and make sure that proper coordination is maintained between the doctor and the patient. He will be basically looking after all the medical needs of the elderly-dependent.

2. Customized Packages

There are several packages depending on the health condition of the patient. Based on the diagnosis, a customized care plan will be designed.

3. In-home services

Once the plan is designed, you will be provided with the required sessions of physiotherapy, doctor’s advice, tests, and medications in your home. We also have medical equipment available for purchase or rent. Medicines will be delivered at home. We also have 12/24 hour attendant service that includes monitoring, assistance, and light housekeeping.

So, if you want the best in-home care for your elders, contact your nearest Portea health care center today to find out nearby elder care provider in Jaipur.

why choose our elder care services?

  • Customised Care Plan created by the Medical team at Portea
  • Dedicated Health Manager who will be your single point of contact for all medical needs
  • We offer a spectrum of in-home healthcare services
  • Access to medical records and progress
  • We’re the recommended home care partner for leading hospitals
  • We’re affordable, accountable and accessible

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