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what is elder care services?

Elder (Geriatric) care services are a range of services – medical, general or otherwise – that facilitate and help the elderly live a life of comfort that they deserve. We provide procedures, tests, doctor’s visits and in-home nursing attendants – just about anything that puts a smile on their faces.

incredible benefits of senior care services

Our elders spent their entire lives taking care of us. It is a time we give it back to them. They need physical care, medical care, and most of all, emotional care, to help them get better with time.

Customised plans

You can create health care plans for you and your family that respond to your specific needs. This will ensure that you get to weed out the things you do not want and include what you do.

In-Home medical services

Be it physiotherapy, or lab tests – you get to have all of them in your home in Indore. You can schedule visits with the doctors or have procedures done just by a phone call.

Mobilisation support

We support the mobilization needs of the parents by offering help in a variety of ways. We will help them walk, move them around if needed, and also support in exercising activities. Eventful days are sure to get them to better health over time.

Personal Care

Our elderly caretaker helps your parents in hygiene-related activities, such as assistance with bathing and dressing. Other minor health care like nail care and hair care are also provided.

Daily tasks

Daily tasks like cooking and arranging the room become enjoyable activities as opposed to mundane daily activities for them when our nurses assist them.

how portea elderly help services help?

  • Dedicated Managing – We will provide you with a health manager – who will be your one stop for all your medical needs, to put it in simple words. Be it any query, any medical procedure, you wishing for a doctor’s visit – all you have to do is get in touch with your manager and leave it all to him. He will take it from there.
  • Technology to aid – We use technology to track your progress, or lack thereof – to see that all your medical needs are taken care of. With this, we also ensure quickest damage control for treatments you don’t respond well to.
  • Healthcare Monitoring packages – We provide a variety of packages that cover common ailments to suit you and your needs. They are inclusive of all kinds of services we provide. You can go through them on our website or brochure and choose.

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