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elderly caregivers in india

Earlier in the traditional joint family setup, the children of the family were seen as the primary elderly caregivers. Now we are witnessing disintegration of this setup in many homes. With kids moving abroad or another city, Indian society is witnessing a major surge in the number of nuclear families.

Although this new family setup is liberating for the youth, it is the older adults that are sadly seeming to fall behind, feeling lonely and neglected, getting trapped in the ‘empty nest syndrome’. This new setup of life along with other socio-economic factors like retirement, financial dependency and lack of something to look forward to, give rise to varied sort of mental health disorders among the older adults.

Some of the most common mental illnesses that the elderly tend to fall prey to are depression, mood disorders, psychosis, dementia and anxiety disorders among others. A majority of these mental illnesses can easily be treated if timely diagnosis and treatment are sought.

However, sadly enough a large majority of the various signs of mental illness are simply overlooked and thought to be part of the normal old age problems. Even when the diagnosis is made, the care of such mentally ill patients can be a tall task considering today’s hectic schedules and children living in other cities in many cases. Plus it is also quite challenging for an older adult to move base and shift to their child’s home in another city and adjust to a new environment.

Luckily, filling in for the home care for the elderly are the various care homes and assisted living facilities, wherein your loved one can be provided homely care along with any medical supervision that they may require. However, when it comes to looking for care options for your loved one, it appears that the more you look, the more confusing it gets.

So, before you make your decision on the best care for your loved one, here’s a brief description of what they are and what kind of services you can expect from them.

assisted living for senior care

Assisted living is basically for those seniors who are still independent and do not require constant medical care or intensive care but would rather suffice with lower intermediate care like assistance in grooming, dressing, assistance in personal hygiene, medication management and mobility.  

In India, Assisted living is often termed as old age homes and there is a general negative picture associated with old age homes as old decrepit building run by charities. However, new age assisted living facilities today are being designed and developed as per international standards and bodes well with Indian seniors. Besides the usual assistance for the elderly, housekeeping, cooking, blend housing, hospitality and health care are some of the other standard facilities at old age homes.

in-home care – home attendants for elderly care

Care services provided at home are called in-home care. Care services in in-home care are provided by home attendants for elderly, ward boys and nurses and are usually non – medical. This type of care is aimed to help the senior person maintain their independence and promote optimum functioning by providing basic services and supervision.

The advantage of in-home care services is that they are more private, personal and comfortable as the care services are provided in the comfort of one’s home. The type of in-home care service varies from person to person and also according to the frequency of care required.

home health care services for

Home health care services are similar to in-home care services in the fact that both types of care services are provided by skilled nursing services. However, home health care services also include psychiatric services, pain management, oncology, care for diabetes, chronic kidney diseases, COPD and heart diseases among others.

Home health care services are similar to in-home care services in the fact that both types of care services are provided by skilled nursing services. However, home health care services also include psychiatric services, pain management, oncology, care for diabetes, chronic kidney diseases, COPD and heart diseases among others.

memory care for senior care

Memory care is a specially designed senior care service for the elderlies suffering from memory loss as a result of dementia or Alzheimer. Memory care services are structurally designed as secure areas to prevent any wandering off which is a common symptom of these diseases. Some of the services included in memory care include 24 hours supervised care, all meals included, activities and health management. Memory care services in India are offered today as part of home health care services and even at assisted living facilities that have a special wing developed for such patients.  

choosing the right care for your loved one

While its good to know about all the various types of elderly care services, do not select the elderly care for your loved one basis your assumptions. You need to understand the level of independence that your loved one can pursue, how much support they require and the kind of medical assistance required. Also try walking through some of the scenarios that elderly may encounter.  Only after analysing all the factors thoroughly, pick the type of service most suited for the elderly person. 


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Geeta Baliga


I booked a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment from Portea and was very happy with the service provided by Dr.Shashikant and Health Managers-Jayam Samlin and Mereena Jose who visited me. The team was very cooperative and followed up with me well.

M. J. Aga


It was through Health Manager Saba over 2 years back, that I first came to know about Portea. Saba has been extremely courteous & helpful to me & my wife .
Through her we both have availed Portea services like physiotherapy, Doctor visits, ECG at our home. She has been our one-window approach to Portea ever since.
I think Portea is fortunate in having Saba as one of their Health Managers. I hope she will continue to help us by arranging for a good General Physician, in our area, to visit us in emergencies. We both are too old to go to Doctors’ Dispensaries. We are willing to pay for their visits. Thank you




I would like to convey my appreciation for the commitment and dedication that Health Manager Hema has towards my family. I am glad to say that I feel quite relaxed when it comes to my father’s Health as she serves as a single point of contact for any of our requirements.
I would also like to Thank Portea for giving such a good experience by providing timely services through Health Manager Hema.