elder care services in hyderabad

Looking for high-quality elderly service to take care of your parents in Hyderabad? Well, you have come to the right place. Portea provides all kinds of medical services in the comfort of your home. At Portea, we are passionate about providing convenience and healthcare hand in hand, without compromising quality. Portea’s eldercare service is comprehensive and encompasses all spheres of health care.

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what are elder care services?

All services that make the lives of the elderly easier are called elder care services. It includes a wide range of services catering to various physical and emotional needs of the elderly to ensure that they get the healthiest and the most holistic care possible. We at Portea, provide high-quality elder care suiting to all kinds of needs and requirements. Get in touch with us now if you are looking for a nearby elder care provider in Hyderabad.

With ageing parents comes the great responsibility of their care. Parents, who have dedicated all their lives to our care and support, now need our care. We feel guilty even when we just think about sending them to a care facility. But who needs to send the parents away when you can get better quality professional elderly help at home?

advantages of elder care services

Geriatric care is required when the dependent cannot function with ease on his/her own when the family has a conflicting work schedule, or simply when you wish to provide your loved ones with better, professional care. Portea aims to provide personalized health care for your loved ones, ensuring they get the best out of their care, and are satisfied and happy.

Our Geriatric Services include

Personal care and daily tasks-

Our team of dedicated professionals understand that the elderly require assistance with basic care and tasks. We provide services such as bathing and grooming, meal preparation, light cleaning, and laundry for the patient, helping them become independent and thus, less worried.

Emotional support-

Patients tend to get lonely often due to many factors such as deteriorating mental health, physical problems, and feel like a burden. Our professional assistants and nurses are extremely patient, friendly and loving, they are reliable and understanding. At Portea, we are passionate and compassionate!

Mobilization support-

Some patients need assistance in walking and mobilization due to many health problems. At Portea, we provide mobilization support through assistance for mobility, equipment such as wheelchairs, and even physiotherapy for motor skills.

Doctors, nurses, and lab sample collection-

Doctors’ visits and visiting labs to give samples every other day can leave your loved one feeling weak and exhausted. Get all the convenience of doctors, nurses, and sample collection in the comfort of your home.

Medical management-

Multiple prescriptions and doctors often leave the patient confused with their medication. Self-medicating can be harmful and lead to worsening of health as well. Our professional medical management provides you with a dedicated health manager, nurses, doctors, and even assistance on call.

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