What is in-home-nursing service?

In-home nursing services in Hyderabad aim to provide nursing care as you would get at a medical institution, in your home with the help of qualified, efficient nurses working round the clock to assist you. If you are looking for nursing nearby, then call us today.

our services include

We provide a full complement of home health care services including

Assisting ageing family member

Nursing services help the elderly of the family with daily activities and personal care like bathing, food preparation or other household activities. Our goal is to help them feel a sense of belonging and encourage them to be independent, taking charge of their health.

Injury care

Nursing care provided by us will help you recover from injuries faster and better. Our nurses will help you with daily tasks and more. We wish to help you gain a peace of mind and an encouraging environment for your speedy recovery.

Oxygen Administration

Our nursing services offer assistance with oxygen administration of all kinds. Our technicians will install the best set-up that is right for you and your situation.

Post-surgical Care

Getting back on your feet after surgery can prove to be an ordeal if proper help is not rendered. We are right there with you on your road to recovery with all we can do.


Catheter care gets hassle-free. Nursing at home services in Hyderabad will provide you with the comfort of having all kinds of Catheter care done at your home – washing, insertion and removal!

IV Infusion, Injections

Do not bother rallying up to the hospital in Hyderabad for minor procedures like IV Infusion and injections. Have them done in the luxury of your home. Just give us a call and we will be right there.


Avail vaccination for pneumonia, typhoid and H1N1 while remaining in the comfort and security of your home. We take complete care and responsibility to ensure a safe and sound vaccination.

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Why Portea For Nursing Services at Hyderabad

We aim to provide you with the most affectionate in-home nursing services in Hyderabad. Our nurses are efficient, qualified and compassionate. If you are looking for nursing care near me, then get in touch, give us a call, clear all your worries and doubts in detail. We will provide you with a detailed explanation of our services.
Our Nursing carers help you with following conditions –
Wound Dressing | Vital Check | Vaccination | Ryle Tube Insertion | Nebulization | Injection | Infusion | ICU Care | ECG Electrocardiography | Oncology | Catheterisation