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portea home nursing care service in mysore

Finding reliable home nursing service in Mysore can be a little tough. Portea solves this problem by offering home care services in Mysore. Instead of commuting to hospitals and wasting your time and effort in the traffic, now you can book patient care services online. You can get home nursing care in mysore that are tailor-made for your particular needs. On our website, you can choose the services that suit your needs. Instead of paying for a full consultation fee for doctors, you can get assistance from professional nurses if you already know about your needs.

how home nursing care service helps in mysore

The first and foremost responsibility of a home nurse in Mysore is to provide one-to-one medial care and attention to the patient in their home. Some of the many tasks carried out by a home nurse to this end include:

  • Regular check-ups of the patient
  • Monitoring vital signs and symptoms
  • Monitoring the diet and nutrition of the patient
  • Administering medication/injections as indicated by the doctor
  • Assessing the patient’s response to the treatment plan
  • Regularly updating the doctor with the patient’s response to the treatment
  • Pain management
  • Teaching coping mechanisms
  • Educating the patient about selfcare
  • Ensuring the safety of the patient at home

why choose home nursing services from portea

At Portea, you can hire the most qualified attendant for patients in Mysore. We know that your utmost propriety is the health and safety of the patient and hence we give our best to the patient. Here are some reasons why you should choose Portea’s home nursing services in Mysore.

●  Expert Supervision: With required training and years of experience, our nurses have developed the expertise of taking the best care of patients.

●  Convenience: Many patients hesitate from going to the hospital or clinic and hence they abandon the treatment altogether. At Portea, you get the comfort and convenience of getting world-class care at your home.

●  Suitable Care Packages: Different patients need different kinds of care. Hence, we provide a range of packages from which you can select one according to your need and budget.

how does portea support the range of services in mysore?

Finding the right nursing agency in Mysore is challenging and not easy. Most of the time, people with less mobility due to age, trauma, and other health conditions need special care and attention. Hence, Portea offers its expert services in-home nursing and helps patients have a quality life.  few services may required nurse service at home from portea

Home nursing services in Mysore holds several advantages and benefits for the people besides being extremely convenient like;

Geriatric Care – Geriatrics is the special care for older adults to help and support their families by offering help through nurses to take care of their health. These nursing services pertain to maximizing functioning and improving their quality of life. 

Palliative Care – This care is for people with serious illnesses. It focuses on easing out the symptoms and improving the quality of life for both the family and the patient. Palliative nursing care also deals with psychological health issues and is based on the patient’s needs with a curative treatment plan.

Personal Care – Personal nursing is the necessities like washing, grooming, feeding with qualified nurses for patients with assistance to perform their day-to-day activities.

Vaccination Service – These nurses reach your home and help in administering the scheduled vaccines at your comfort and convenience.

best home nursing services near me in mysore

When it comes to health, you should never settle for anything but the best. At Portea, we have a team of qualified and trained nurses. These nurses have years of experience of giving post-surgical care, elder care, chronic diseases, and so on.

Along with quality medications, a patient also needs psychological support to recover from his or her condition. This is where Portea nursing care provides itself better than the others. Our nurses treat patients with empathy and compassion. This makes patients feel better about themself and gives them a reason to overcome problems.

So, if you are planning to hire Mysore nurses, Portea is the place where you will get reliable services. Book an assistance consultation to know more about how Portea can better help you with the recovery process.


Q – How can I avail Portea’s services for home nursing services in Mysore?

If you are interested in our Mysore home nursing services, please contact us at 1800-121-2323.

Q – What are the services included in home nursing services in Mysore?

Treatment of illnesses or injuries is the primary objective of home nursing services in Mysore. Standard home nursing services include administering injections, monitoring nutrition or intravenous therapy, educating patients and caregivers, keeping an eye on life-threatening illnesses and unstable health conditions, treating surgical wounds or pressure sores, and offering rehabilitation therapies.
Home nurses are highly trained, competent professionals who are capable of handling a range of medical treatments. A home nurse’s fundamental duties include the following:
• Monitoring of dietary consumption, nutritional status, and vital signs
• Ensuring the security of patients at home
• Educating patients on self-care techniques
• Controlling pain

Q – What can I do if I want the nurses to perform additional tasks?

Depending on the patient’s demands, the nurses carry out medical operations and other associated tasks. Portea must be called if a patient requires additional medical attention while participating in the course since they could require a nurse with advanced medical training. We also want to let you know that nurses won’t be doing any housekeeping.

Q – Can I request for male/female nurse for homecare in Mysore?

We do not provide cross-gender services, despite the fact that we employ both male and female nurses.

Q – How can I find best nursing services near me in Mysore?

For patients with both acute and chronic problems, the Portea staff is prepared to offer comprehensive post-surgical, individualised, and therapeutic care. We will develop a unique, personalised treatment plan that meets your needs together. No matter whether they are single, have families, or both, we honestly attempt to give the people of Mysore careful service. Get in contact with us as soon as possible if you need nursing care in Mysore.

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