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With Portea’s in-home nursing services, get the most of our healthcare services available in the comfort of your home. Encompassing highly qualified nurses for elderly care, post-surgical care, injections, wound care or vaccinations, our team is devoted to providing you with the compassionate care you deserve.

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postoperative care

Postoperative care in simple terms is the care a person receives after having undergone a surgical procedure. Postoperative care is given immediately during the Postoperative period. As such the post op care begins in the operating room itself and is followed into the post anaesthesia care unit (PACU) and even continues at the patient’s home up until the period the surgical wound is healed.

The main goal of the Postoperative care is the prevention of any infections at the site of the surgical wound, thereby ensuring complete healing of the surgical incision. Postoperative nursing care also aims to reinstate a patient’s to his prior physical form and mental state.

The type and length of Postoperative care a patient receives depends upon his /her surgical procedure and the extent of post op care needed. For instance an outpatient surgery has different post op care requirement and an inpatient surgery has a different post op nursing care. Similarly an elaborate surgical procedure that has the risk of post op bleeding, blood clots etc has a completely different post surgery care requirement.

For simple surgical procedure a patient can himself take care of his wound, while in some cases the assistance of professional Postoperative nursing care is required like, in cases of spine surgery, hip surgery, cardio surgery, patients with impaired levels of consciousness, etc.

postoperative care guidelines

The postoperative care guidelines vary for adults and children, for different types of diseases and surgical procedure. Some of the common basic postoperative care guidelines include;

  • Ensuring the comfort of the patient
  • Proper and timely dressing changes
  • Pain medication should be given as per the prescription
  • In Deep vein thrombosis the postoperative nursing care involves giving blood thinning medication, elastic     stockings and helping the patient perform foot and ankle exercises for blood circulation in the lower leg and   enhance venous return in the lower leg.
  • In case of infection the post op nursing care requires close monitoring of the surgical wound and immediate   reporting of persistent fever and redness or swelling at the wound site.
  • In case of pneumonia the post op care involves a respiratory therapist to help the patient with deep breathing   exercises.
  • In knee stiffness or other joints and bone surgery, the post surgical care requires the assistance of both a   physiotherapist and a nurse for postoperative exercises to be done under the watch of a physiotherapist, for   pain control, for Edema control and for strict adherence to CPM protocol as directed by the doctor.

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Postoperative care is an essential component of the healing process, as a good postoperative nursing care ensures the patient’s complete physical and mental recovery. Post operative care for patients could either be long term or short term and could be simple or could involve elaborate procedure.

In case of long term postoperative nursing care, a patient is better off in the warm surrounding of his home. Aiding this type of postoperative care is our postoperative care at home service. As part of this service our highly experienced team of doctors, nurses and other health professionals as required, would come visit you and provide the needed care within the comfort of your home. In some cases residential nurses would also stay with the patient for 24*7 monitoring and care.
So if you need postoperative care at home, look no further and trust Portea with the care of your loved one and we would ensure a speedy and satisfactory recovery of the patient in the most caring manner as possible.

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Munilal Prasad

We are very pleased to say that ,we are lucky to have been served by very good hospitality at home provided by Portea Team of Kolkata co-ordinated by Ms. Reshma Yasmin. We are very satisfied and feel blessed to get served by you from 01/03/2019 at our home Liluah Howrah till 28/03/2019. We are very happy and feel secure by getting served by you.

ANN (Anita, Rena , Sa)