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From handling medications to self-care assistance like bathing and dressing, Portea’s in-home nursing services provide stamina and physical independence to patients in Kolkata recovering from illness, hospital stay or surgery. Our highly qualified, trained fleet of nurses is available at your convenience to provide around-the-clock care. Get in-home Nursing Care Services in Kolkata, begin here.

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why portea nursing care services?

At Portea, we understand that patients recover better at home, and the risk of infection is reduced to a great extent. We bring state of the art care, medical standards, and high-quality care in the comfort of your home. Nursing services are available for the elderly, patients who have undergone surgery, and even patients with chronic and acute illnesses. Call us today if you are looking for nursing Care Services in Kolkata.

our nursing services include

Urinary catheterization: Urinary catheterization is an invasive process. Our team of nurses understands the patient’s needs and provides support and assistance accordingly. From the insertion of catheterization tubes, monitoring, to removal of the tubes, our nurses are well trained in all aspects to keep patients comfortable, secure, and make the process highly professional.

Post-surgical Care: Post-surgical care is essential and begins immediately after surgery. From administering intravenous medicines to monitoring recovery, our nurses are qualified to do it all. Our nurses thoroughly understand pain management, and other aspects of post-surgical recovery as well, keeping the patient stress-free and thus, helping healing quicker.

Wound care: Injuries and surgery wounds need specialized care. Our team of nurses is trained in caring for different kinds of wounds, including the ones prone to infection. With professional training in dressing, pain relief, and recovery monitoring, our nurses are efficient and understanding of the patient’s needs in Kolkata. So, no more worries while finding nursing nearby!

Oxygen administration:  Post-traumatic health care may require oxygen therapy. Our nurses are attentive and diligent to provide therapy that is always up to the mark and at par with medical standards.

Injections and IV infusions: Our staff is trained and qualified to administer injections and IV infusions. You can save the time and money on travelling to hospitals in Kolkata.

Vaccination: With nursing care, protect yourself and your loved ones from diseases in the comfort of your home. Get vaccinated against a wide range of diseases such as pneumonia, H1N1 and typhoid etc. Our nurses work with precision to ensure a painless and secure healthcare experience.

why portea nursing care services?

If you are looking for nursing care near me, then reach out to us now. Our team of nurses is highly qualified and experienced and treat each patient with dignity and respect. With most of our nurses being ICU trained, every service is tailored to meet your needs. Our aim is to apply a holistic approach to maintain and restore your health care goals while remaining sensitive to your requirements.


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