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nurse for ecg (electrocardiography)

Looking to get an ECG done? No more hospital visits for an ECG, get a 12 LEAD ECG done at home with the help of a trained nurse. Get instant ECG reports without having to leave the comfort of your home

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about nursing services for ecg at home:

Electrocardiography, which is widely popular as ECG, is a medical process of recording the heart’s electrical activity, over a span of time with the help of electrodes positioned on the skin, and assessing the muscular and electrical functions of the heart. And, nurses play a crucial role in helping you get your ECG done appropriately.

Qualified nurses assess the patient by noting his pulse rate, breathing difficulties if any, the chest pain if any, and many other factors and determine whether the heart rhythm is stable or unstable.

Nurses watch for the readings for every component your heart rhythm and interpret which areas of the heart are normal and which areas suffer damage. They use a systematic approach to determine whether your heart’s rhythm is regular or irregular and fast or slow.

Also, expert nurses determine your heart rate, note your heart rhythm, and figure out whether you have heart blocks or not. They play a vital role in identifying the lethal heart rhythms by studying your ECG. Besides this, caring nurses listen to your complaints and discomfort, learn what medications you are taking, and co-relate all these factors with your ECG. And, the best part is that you can receive all this crucial ECG nursing care in comfort of your home. Simply call us at Portea for ECG nursing care and one of our qualified, caring nurses will visit you at your home to help you get your ECG done properly, safely, and with utmost comfort.

3 noteworthy benefits of getting ecg done at home:

  1. Saves Your Energy, Time, & Money: By choosing in-home nursing care service for ECG, a professional nurse would be visiting your home to help you have your ECG done. So, you need not travel all the way to hospital for it. You receive all nursing and assistance for your ECG in comfort of your home. Thus, in-home nursing care service helps you save your priceless energy, time, and expenses. If you need to have your ECG often, then at-home nursing service would be an economical option. Just call us at Portea and get your ECG done conveniently in your place of abode.
  2. ECG Nursing Care In Case Of Emergency:If you or any of your family members are experiencing pain or discomfort in chest or heart and needs to get ECG done immediately, simply calling for nursing care service will help you have your ECG done at home in no time. In such case of emergency, you need not travel to any healthcare centre or hospital for ECG care with in-home nursing care for ECG available at your service.
  3. Educates You & Your Family: Expert nurses visiting your home for ECG care listen to your complaints, help you with ECG process, analyse your ECG outcomes, determine your condition, and educate you and your family how to take the right care of your health.  They communicate with the concerned doctor on your behalf and inform you about the necessary care that you need to take for your comfort. They help ease your sufferings, inform your family about the necessary care and precautions to be taken, and take the right care to help you relax.

So, if any time you or your acquaintances need ECG care at home urgently, get in touch with us at Portea without a second thought and receive the best ECG nursing care in comfort of your home.

ecg care at home

So, if any time you or your acquaintances need ECG care at home urgently, get in touch with us at Portea without a second thought and receive the best ECG nursing care in comfort of your home.


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Mr. Raj Shekhar

Age 32, Chennai

My father had a surgery and required regular healthcare services. Portea has greatly helped him with their in-home healthcare services.

Portea has started home infusion of cerezyme 0.8 (cerezyme replacement therapy) of gaucher disease. From past 5years. I have been undergoing ERT at Delhi hospital. But now with the help of Sanofi Genzyme, Portea done our first home infusion of cerezyme. The team which visited our home (Raghvendra sir and pramod) in this thought condition COVID and rainy weather on time and attended us were highly professional. From the very first step till the and of therapy they did everything very well. They took every percuations, share every details with as regarding home infusion of cerezyme , used every necessary equipment (infusion pump) for therapy, monitored us thoroughly. This new intiative for ERT is very nice and impressive. Thank you Raghvendra sir Thanks to portea and Sanofi for this arrangement.

We would like to put on record that we found the services of Nurse Jeesha and Nurse Sridevi to be excellent. They were competent, dedicated and compassionate Nurses who were able to establish a good rapport with the patient and the family caregivers. Your Nursing Supervisor Anthony Michael responded promptly and effectively to our communications. We would be happy to recommend the services of Portea.