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what is iv infusion?

IV infusion is a medical procedure through which fluids, like – electrolyte solutions, medicinal drugs, etc are directly administered in the veins via a glucose or other medical solution (IV solution), by means of an infusion set consisting of the fluid glass or plastic vacuum bag/bottle, plastic tube connecting the medicinal bag or bottle to a catheter or needle in the patient’s vein.

types of iv infusion

There are three types of IV infusion therapy – IV Push, IV piggyback and Continuous Infusion

  1. IV push or Bolus – An IV “push” or “bolus” is a fast infusion of medication. A syringe is inserted into your catheter to rapidly send a one-time dosage of medication into your blood.
  2. Secondary IV or IV Piggyback – An IV piggy back also known as secondary infusion is the administration of medicine together with the IV solution, through the existing IV insertion.
  3. Continuous infusion – It is primarily used to rectify fluid and electrolyte imbalances into the patient body. A controlled method of intravenous administration of drugs, fluids, or nutrients are given without interruption, instead of by bolus/ IV Push.

iv infusion procedure

IV infusion procedure is an invasive procedure where a IV catheter is inserted into a peripheral vein, which is then held in place with a sterile dressing to keep the IV site sterile and prevent accidental dislodging of the IV catheter or needle.

purpose of iv infusion

IV infusion/fluids is administered at the recommendation of a doctor for varied reasons and purposes like;

  • To give the patient fluids, when oral intake is not possible for any reason
  • To give medications, including chemotherapy and anaesthetics, about 40% of all anti-toxins are given intravenously.
  • IV infusion is administered to post operative patients
  • Another purpose of IV infusion is to keep the vein open for medication, when the patient is waiting fr blood transfusion
  • To maintain electrolyte balance, when the patient is losing lot of fluid like in vomiting or diarrhoea
  • Patients suffering from dehydration are also administered IV for hydration

about iv treatment at home:

IV fluids infusion is a basic medical procedure but it can’t be administered by a person by themselves and need the assistance of a nurse for a safe IV at home. Renowned home healthcare provider Portea, allows you to stay at home and simultaneously receive quality medical care, with a number of highly experienced doctors and nurses at their beck and call.

Trained nurses at Portea safely administer IV fluids at home and take appropriate measures to prevent the risk of potential complications. Traveling can be hazardous and laborious for sick patients and as such getting saline drop at home is better recommended. Portea’s nurses are well experienced in administering IV antibiotics at home. So don’t further stress yourself and contact us immediately to get quality services for IV at home.

benefits of getting iv infusion treatment at home:

The benefits of getting IV treatment at home is that It eliminates traveling hazards and exertions, appropriate  Infusion Care For all Age Groups and It is Economical to get IV treatment at home than in a hospital.

nursing care services for iv (saline drip) at home

The responsibility of nurses for saline drip IV is to assess an appropriate site for IV, hang the primary IV bag, and calculate the IV rates. They also monitor the effectiveness of the IV therapy delivered to the patients and make the necessary changes. After the medications enter the vein of the patient, the action cannot be terminated. Therefore, preparing the fluid, ensuring the correct dosage, and safely administering it is important. Nurses help in administering the entire process effectively. It is part of the responsibility of normal saline/iv drops service provided by nurses.

At Portea, we have a highly skilled nursing professional who provides reliable saline drip IV to the patients. Our nurses are well-trained to administer IV infusions and ensure the safety of the patients. The experienced nurses at Portea can provide you with the services in the comfort of your home and eliminate the need for travel. We monitor the response of the patients continuously and take care of their well-being.

nurses service for iv infusion

The IV infusion nurses frequently assess the intravenous lines and watch out for any signs of infection. The nursing professional educate the patients and their caregivers about the process and help them in remaining calm. We, at Portea, provide special training in IV cannulation procedures for nurses. So, you can trust the nurses for the delivery of quality IV infusion services. Our nursing professionals work closely with other medical staff and healthcare professionals to confer drug capabilities, outcomes, and reactions to the health of the patients. 

iv treatment at home:

So, if you need IV infusion simply give us a call and one of our expert and caring nurses would be visiting you at your home to give the necessary infusion without any concerns.

Book your appointment today for the best quality IV infusion at home. 

frequently asked questions:


A- In order to find an IV nurse, you can make search online. You are likely to get a list of options on Google. At Portea, we have experienced nurses for IV who can deliver top-notch services to patients.


A- You can avail of the nursing services at home facilities in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Jaipur, Indore, Lucknow, and Chandigarh.


A- Yes, you can hire a nurse for infusion on short notice. However, make sure to book an appointment at least two to four hours before you need the nursing services. 


A- To find the nurses for infusion services near you, you just have to contact Portea at +1800 121 2323. Portea has a team of professional and trained nurses who can deliver infusion services to patients.

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