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what is wound?

Before we learn about proper  wound care,, it is important to know the basics of wound to take better care and precautions for faster healing.

A wound is an injury to the skin due to a cut, scrapes and punctures or a heavy blow. Pathologically speaking, a wound is a sharp injury to the dermis layer of the skin. A wound is not only the injury suffered due to accidents inside or outside the home, it is also the surgical incisions and cuts made for catheters to go inside the body as in the case of a suprapubic catheter.

types of wound 

Wounds are essential of two kinds – open wounds and closed wounds. Open wounds and closed wounds can be further classified according to the object that caused the wound.


  • Incision – a sharp cut made by a sharp object like knife, razor or glass splinters.
  • Lacerations – a deep cut or tear of the skin or flesh resulting in a jagged and irregular wound.
  • Abrasions – superficial wound to the epidermis layer, caused by sliding fall.
  • Avulsions – full or partial amputation of a body part not through a surgical procedure, but has been pulled off forcibly, like explosions or violent accidents
  • Puncture – when an object punctures the skin like nails or splinters.
  • Penetration – a wound made by knife or any other object that goes through a body part.
  • Gunshot wounds – caused by bullets.


Closed wounds are as dangerous as open wounds. There are two types of closed wound namely;

  • Hematomas (Blood tumor) – It is caused by injury to a blood vessel, leading to blood collection under the skin.
  • Crush injury – It is caused by extreme force applied over a long period of time.

wound treatment:

Minor  open wound treatment  doesn’t require a doctor’s attention and can be treated easily at home like superficial cuts and scrapes. In this type of minor wound treatment, you need to wash and clean the wound and then apply sterile dressing or bandage to help it heal. Very minor kinds of wounds won’t even require any elaborate wound treatment or even bandaging, just clean the wound and keep it dry to let it heal.

However, you need to see a doctor if the wound is deeper than half inch, the bleeding does not stop even after the application of pressure, bleeding is caused by a serious accident. Such type of wound treatment involves various procedures from closing the open wound with skin glue, sutures and stitches to tetanus booster shots and pain medication to name a few.


Wound infection is caused due to the infestation of bacteria in the wound. Such infections require immediate medical attention. The wound infection treatment involves the following preventive measures;

  • Preventive antibiotics – are the first step in  wound infection treatment. It helps in killing bacteria cells.
  • Use of slow releasing antiseptics – it slows down the growth of bacteria. Application of sulphadizaine solution; It is a solution of the metal silver that destroys broad spectrum bacteria.

what is wound care?

Wound care, simply put is the treatment of a wound through the application of varied techniques suited to the type of wound. Wound care involves;

  • Giving local care to the skin with debridement and dressing.
  • Application of medicated bandages and compression.
  • Treatment of wound Infection
  • Treatment of Edema.
  • Maximizing blood flow and oxygen for faster healing

types of wound care:

There are many types of wounds and so are its causes. While some superficial wounds don’t demand much attention and heal on their own, there are several other types of wounds that demand a lot of attention and care to heal properly. Depending upon the type of wound a doctor recommends the wound care types to be employed.

Advanced wound care dressings – Advanced wound care dressings are meant to the bleeding and absorb any secretion to aid healing of the wound.  Wound care dressings are of several types, namely;

  • Hydrocolloid Dressings – This type of wound care dressings is mainly applicable for burn injuries, pressure ulcers and venous ulcers.
  • Hydrogel Dressings – Hydrogel dressings are used for the treatment of infected wounds and or wounds with little secretion.
  • Alginate Dressings– Alginate is particularly used to heal wounds with high amounts of wound drainage.
  • Collagen Dressings – Collagen is primarily used to treat large wounds, bed sores and transplant sites.
  • Alginate Dressings– Alginate is particularly used to heal wounds with high amounts of wound drainage.
  • Negative Pressure Wound Dressings – Negative pressure wound dressings involve the technique of vacuum dressing to drain out excess secretion/fluid from the wound to simulate the flow of blood in the area to heal the wound.
  • Debridement – Debridement of a wound is the removal of any foreign object lodged in the wound or the removal of dead skin from the wound when the skin is unable to do so naturally.
  • Wraps to decrease lower leg swelling – In this treatment technique, a bandage is tightly wrapped around the lower leg to reduce the swelling and increase blood circulation.

about wound care nursing services at home:

Every one of us suffers wound some or other time in the life. So, proper wound dressing and right wound care becomes inevitable for quick healing of the wound.

In such circumstances, the assistance of caring nurses for wound dressing at home, turns to be a boon for quick relief. You can  expert wound care nursing for wound dressing to take appropriate care of your wound at your doorstep. Depending on the type of wound, its healing process varies. And, our trained and experienced nurses for wound dressing are skilled in taking care of each type of wound. Whether you suffer from pressure sores, injuries, bruises, infected wounds or need  wound care at home after surgery, our trained and caring nurses would not only dress your wound properly but also take its good care to promote its quick healing.

Besides this, with Portea at your service for dressing service at home, our skilled nurses would visit you at your home for wound dressing and wound care without having you travel all the way to clinic or 

hospital. Our wound care nurses would clean and dress the patient’s wounds and take the right care to prevent the risk of any complications, such as infections. Keeping your comfort as priority, we aim to offer you the best wound care nursing services in comfort of your place of abode. So, count on our nurse for wound dressing at home and wound care nursing services for quick healing of your wound.

3 benefits of getting wound care nursing at home:

Educates You & Your Family Members About Wound Care: Nurses for wound dressing and wound care not only take care of your wounds but also educate you and your family members how to take the right care of your wounds for its quick healing. Expert and caring nurses provide all necessary care instructions to you and your caring family members for its proper healing. Not only nurses clean and dress your wounds, but also caring nurses teach your dear ones how to clean and dress the wounds, if need be, and what care to exercise to prevent the risk of complications, such as infection.

At-Home Wound Care Promotes Healing: Whether you suffer from post-surgical wounds, pressure sores, or injuries, at-home wound dressing by caring nurses prevents you from traveling to the hospital or clinic, saves your energy, and saves you from exertion. As you get your wound cleaned and surgical dressing at home in your comfort zone, your wound gets continuous, great relief which promotes its quick healing.

Regular Wound Care At-Home Prevents Complications: If you have a deep wound that needs a lot of care to prevent it from getting affected with possible complications, you may need regular wound dressing. And, at-home wound care nurse can prove highly beneficial for the right care of your wound and keeping the risk of complications at bay. Wound care nurse would clean your wound properly and dress it appropriately in comfort of your home avoiding the chances of infections.

how can we help?

So, if you happen to suffer from any kind of wound, count on our wound care nurses for wound dressing for its quick healing and preventing the risk of complications.

With Portea, you’re not just getting the best dressing charges at home, you’re gaining a partner in your journey to recovery and well-being. We also offer a range of superior healthcare services, including doctor consultations, medical equipment, nursing care, physiotherapy, diagnostics and dedicated trained attendants. Rely on us for top-tier healthcare solutions tailored to your requirements.


Can I hire a nurse for wound dressing on short notice?

Yes, Portea gives you the option to hire professional nurses for wound dressing at home on short notice. But it is important to ensure that you request for the nursing services a minimum of two to four hours prior to the time when the service is required. Based on the availability of the nurses at Portea, the right nurse will be appointed to deliver you quality services in the comfort of your home. 

How often can a nurse visit me for wound dressing?

In general, wound dressing must be done every 2 to 28 hours in order to prevent it from drying. Depending on your specific requirements, you can request the nurses to visit your home. The nurses at Portea can visit the patients daily and deliver wound care at home. 

Can I ask the nurse to perform the additional task of injection or infusion?

Yes, you can ask the nurses to perform additional tasks. In addition to the wound dressing nursing procedure, the nurses at Portea can also perform additional tasks such as administering infusion as well as injections. However, in order to avail of the additional nursing services, you will be charged an additional fee. 

How can I find nurses for wound dressing services near me?

In order to find a wound dressing service, all you need to do is search on Google for “wound dressing nurse near me”. The search will provide you with a long list of nurses who provide the required services. On the basis of your need and convenience, you can make the right choice. Portea has a team of professional, trained nurses who are committed to delivering high-quality services to patients on time. Book an appointment and hire the services of certified nurses at Portea.

Which cities provide the convenience of wound dressing services at home?

Cities offering nurse for dressing at home include Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and other major tier 1 and tier 2 cities. Access these services through Portea Medical Equipment by searching online for “nurse for dressing at home near me” or “home wound dressing service near me.”

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