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what is icu?

Intensive Care Unit or ICU also referred to as Critical Care Unit or CCU is a specialized unit in a hospital where seriously ill patients or severely injured are kept for intensive medical treatment by a specialized team of doctors, clinical nurse specialists, dietitians and physical and respiratory therapists among others. 

ICU care is different from regular hospital units.It is a very critical part of hospital where hightly critical health issue patients are kept. Also it is different in terms of higher medical staff-to-patient ratio and the availability of advanced medical resources which is a must for critical patients, but not available and neither needed for regular sick patients.

Some of the conditions treated in ICU care are acute respiratory distress syndrome, trauma or patients on ventilator support or life support system to name a few.

about nursing service for icu care at home:

With the advancement in medical science and technology, it has become feasible for someone to setup an ICU at home in India too. Patients requiring long term critical care always prefer to heal at home than in a hospital, and with the availability of ICU care at home, this distant dream is now viable. Portea also provides at home health care like ICU at home services helping people in putting an ICU setup at home. With Portea be it hiring ICU care equipment or nursing care for critical patient at home, both are very easy. You just need to give us a call and we will take care of everything for you that too at very affordables prices.

role of nurse in icu:

Intensive Care Unit nurse plays a crucial role in providing the right critical care at home to the concerned patient. Trained nurses for ICU care at Portea provides a range of quality healthcare services, like taking blood tests as and when needed, adapting the patient’s treatment according to the test results, recording the blood pressure, oxygen levels, and heart rate of the patient, administering drugs and fluids as per a doctor’s prescription and basically every other service that you can expect at a regular ICU plus the benefit of a familiar environment i.e. your home. You can hire our professional nurses for ICU care 24*7 hours according to your need.

advantages of getting icu care nursing at home:


Proper medical care and comfort are most important requirements for critically ill patients. Intensive Care Unit nurse ensures that the critically ill patient receive the best medical attention, care, and maximum comfort. With ICU care at home, your dear family member would receive the right attention all the time conveniently at your home.


If your beloved parents, grandparents, or any other family member happen to need critical care at home, you need not worry just give us a call and let our Intensive Care Unit nurse look over your dear one at the comfort of your home.


ICU at home services are way economical than regular ICU care at hospitals and with the advancement of healthcare services, you needn’t worry on the quality of critical care at home. Portea offers great ICU at home services at an economical rate without compromising on the quality of care.

icu care at home

So, if you need nurses for ICU care, simply get in contact with us at Portea and receive the best and most reliable nursing care for your beloved family member conveniently at home.

duties and responsibility of icu nurse

Critical care nurses are responsible for delivering direct care to the patients in the ICU. The role of nurse in ICU is not limited to attending to the patients. The role of a nurse in ICU varies from monitoring the care needs of the ICU patients to providing them with emotional support. Thus nursing care in icu is very essential in the recovery of critoically ill patients. ICU nurses specialize in attending to patients in different life-threatening situations and providing the necessary support to the family members of the patients. 

Here are some of the specific duties and responsibilities of the ICU nurses.

  • Monitor detailed reports and keep records of critical patients in the ICU.
  • Document assessment findings and medical histories of the patients.
  • Closely watch and record the symptoms and specific changes in the health condition of patients.
  • Document vital signs and inform the physician.
  • Order different diagnostics tests and evaluate the results to determine the condition of the patients.
  • Document the interventions, treatment plans, and outcomes of patients.
  • Coordinate and consult with the healthcare team relating to the medical condition of the patient.
  • Make changes to the treatment plans of patients according to the condition and response of the patients.
  • Monitor all patient care aspects such as physical activities, diet, and more.
  • Ensure that the medical equipment, such as monitors and ventilators, are properly functioning.
  • Monitor the fluid intake of patients and identify any emerging problems.
  • Administer medications and IVs according to the advice of the doctor.
  • Supervise other healthcare personnel in the ICU.
  • Assist physicians during different procedures such as endoscopy, elective cardioversion, and intubation.
  • Provide necessary care services to pre-operative and post-operative patients.
  • Provide support and educate the family members of the patient relating to the health condition of their loved ones.

Besides these duties, the role of nurse in critical care unit is to perform several administrative duties. The ICU nurses at Portea ensure delivering quality care services to the patients.

Patient Testimonials


Reba Mukherjee

We found Nurse Jeesha to be competent dedicated and with a friendly and adjustable disposition. We would highly recommend her.


Mr. V V Venkatachalam

Good morning Joji. We would like to share extremely positive feedback regarding Abhijit with you. He was phenomenal! Please consider making him a permanent staff with Portea. Respectful, kin....

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Apeksha Pandey

First of all I would like to thank you with all my heart for the nursing care you provided me that I could ever imagine during this difficult time.
Thank you for putting yourself on the f....

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