need 12/24hr nursing care in hyderabad?

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12/24hr nursing care in hyderabad

Utilizing nursing services at home in Hyderabad is now quite simple. If your loved one need round-the-clock monitoring and care, you can choose between 12 and 24 hours of in-home nursing care. You could hire a nurse for regular or cyclical visits. The specifics of your medication and therapy will be decided by your family doctor’s recommendations. To determine the degree of care needed and to help you with the best arrangement, the head of nursing services will individually meet with you and the patient.

why do you need 12/24 hr nursing care in hyderabad?

Specialized care may be provided by qualified nurses. They will show empathy and respect for those who are suffering. For their health, you would only want the best. By choosing the top 24hr nursing care in Hyderabad provider, this can be accomplished. Now, patients can receive care at home that is on par with that provided in clinics or hospitals.

Short-term care

The highest standard of care will be provided to you by professional nurses for home care Hyderabad who will do any necessary procedures on you at home, including catheterization, wound dressing, immunizations, vital sign checks, etc.

Long term care

The long-term care team will treat a variety of ailments, including post-surgery care, chronic care, geriatric care, intensive care, and monitoring vital signs for patients who are critically ill, with the assistance of home nurses who will stay at your home.

when do you need 12/24 hr nursing care in hyderabad?

After-operation care

The 24-hour service nursing care is geared on reducing postoperative complications and supporting the patient’s recovery after anaesthesia and surgery.

ICU standard care

When a patient needs high-intensity care, such as oxygen support, other significant body functions supported by BiPAP, a ventilator, a tracheostomy, etc., they are in need of critical care.

End-of-life care

Extended home care nursing assistance in palliative care, the right medical equipment, and a doctor who can make frequent visits can make a person’s final hours less painful and full of happy memories when they are getting close to the end of their lives.

Physiotherapy at home

Physical therapy can help with orthopaedic conditions include illnesses of the ligaments, muscles, bones, joints, tendons, and nerves. Following surgery, obtaining physical therapy may assist a patient successfully begin their rehabilitation process.

Early on, people frequently experience excruciating pain, edoema, and other symptoms like numbness close to the surgery site. The business that provides 24-hour nursing care services might visit your home to assist your loved one. Your questions will be addressed, and they will make sure everything is proceeding as expected.

Diabetes care at home

In order to heal quickly and effectively, patients need to be attentive and patient. The skilled nurses assist individuals and families in controlling diabetes at home. The nurse services team is dedicated to provide individualised nursing care plans with a focus on diabetes management.

To make sure you or a loved one is receiving the proper care and to keep you informed about blood glucose levels, the caregivers will routinely check the blood sugar level and record the information. In order to help the client keep a stable weight, the team will manage their diet and food intake. In an additional effort to lessen the consequences of peripheral neuropathy, they keep an eye on their water consumption.

benefits of getting 12/24 hr nursing care in hyderabad

Providing nursing care at home

A resident house nurse in Hyderabad is a great option when a patient requires competent nursing care, is in good health, and the nurse can set aside 8 to 10 hours of respite time. In this situation, you can engage a private nurse to visit your loved one at home. They require accommodation and food, therefore you must provide those.

Nurses provide care in shifts

You must engage two home nurses to provide round-the-clock care if your loved one needs various medications and monitoring procedures. The nurses will do their tasks on a regular schedule to ensure that your loved one is completely satisfied. Even if the patient is in a far-off location, they can stay with them. This is the ideal alternative if the patient needs constant care. 

Medical equipment

Nursing treatments typically involve the use of medical equipment and auxiliary supplies, such as pipes, gloves, injections, etc.; consequently, it is essential to properly dispose of these materials. The best 12hr nursing care in Hyderabad can assist in setting up the necessary nursing supplies at any time. Renting the equipment and purchasing the medical supplies from a nearby drugstore are the best ways to cut costs.

how portea helps?

Portea aims to offer its clients the best nursing care possible while also taking into account their individual requirements. To fulfil its mission of giving new meaning to 24-hour nursing care services, they provide patients with unique treatment alternatives, superior medical care, and clinical excellence in the comfort of their own homes. 

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