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what 12/24 hr nursing services

12/24 hour home care is offered by a carer who resides in your home. This is a great idea since it usually costs you less, is not as much of stress for your dear one, and the nursing care is specialised to your dear one’s personal requirements. With the recent pandemic situation, several families have started opting for 24 hour care for the seniors in their homes in place of residential care. In the past, the alternatives were restricted to;

  • Making plans for the loved one to reside in a care home
  • Shifting them to your home
  • Keeping them in their own home and doing your best

Families are now profiting from 24 hour care since it offers companionship, is safe and offers dignity to the recipient as well. But, prior to employing a carer, you must discuss your precise requirements with the service provider or agency. 

why do you need 12/24 hr nursing services?

As your dear ones age, their health condition tends to deteriorate, and so 24 hour care near me offers them the care level that is best suited for their requirements. The carer will come into the home and care for your dear one nonstop. The carer will aid with all types of activities and offer your loved one company the whole time. If the dear one is frequently restless at night, or likely to wander, the carer will be readily available to keep a close watch on things at night. The carer can offer transport for doctor appointments and social events, thus assisting the dear one to stay active and go out of the home, when necessary. 

The carer is focused on your dear one only. The carer in a care home will have several residents to care for every day. Thus, your dear one may have to wait until the attendant is available to help them. But, a 24hr carer will be readily available to offer care whenever they require it, and they will not have to share the attention between several people. Clearly, they too need to rest sometimes, however, the timings are flexible and the attendant will be in your home for the most part. The 24 hour nursing care at home cost is generally around Rs. 500-1000 depending on the city you live in. 

when do you need 12/24 hr nursing services?

When you recover from surgery or an illness, you anticipate getting back to your home and getting better in a surrounding where you feel relaxed, comfortable and safe. This can be made possible with 24 hr nursing care. The care requirements of the elderly who are not able to look after themselves can often be an overwhelming duty for the family members. This leads to the notion that nurse home care is the only handy alternative left. Complex care requirements may make a person want to opt for a nursing home to get well under the examination of trained and skilled professionals. However, the in-home nursing services can aid you in recovering in the comfort of your home. 

  • Recuperation in well-known surroundings, enclosed by family has proven to be faster. 
  • The nurses will look after your complex requirements whilst aiding you in maintaining your lifestyle, independence, and day-to-day routine. 

benefits of 12/24 hr nursing services

  • 24/7 Support

The obvious advantage of this service is that it can be availed 24/7. Falls are a threat for seniors (1 out of 3 people tend to fall every year, and 1 out of 5 people tend to have a serious injury). Having 24 hour caregiver at home can help lessen that risk. 

  • 12/24 hour care offers great peace of mind

Caring for the elderly can often be stressful – not just practically, but emotionally as well. Feelings of helplessness and guilt are common. The biggest advantage of 12 or 24 hour nursing care at home is that it can offer peace of mind. You can maintain your composure knowing that your dear one is being taken care of by the best carer. 

how portea helps?

The trained nurses from Portea for home care offer first-class home care nursing services at your home. Regardless of whether you are seeking support in performing day-to-day tasks when recovering or require complex care that is often intimidating for your family members to take upon themselves, their nurses can offer hospital-like care since they are highly trained medical experts. 


Q – How can I hire a nurse for 12/24 hr care at home?

A – Search online for a 24 hour home health care nurse in your vicinity and schedule an appointment. The agency will call you back shortly. 

Q – What are the duties of the nurse?

A – Identifying patient care needs, concentrating on their requirements and executing them on time, nurturing an empathetic environment by offering psychological support, reporting patient’s requirements or resolving problems are the duties of a 24 hour caretaker. 

Q – Can I ask the nurse hired for 12/24hr care to do other tasks, like giving injections or iv drip?

A – Yes, you can ask the at-home nurse to perform other essential tasks too. 

Q – For how long can I hire a nurse for 12/24 hr care service?

A – You can hire the 24 hour home care nurse for as many days as you want. 

Q – How many nurses provide care in 12/24 hr care?

A – The number of nurses you wish to hire depends on your circumstance. You can hire 2-3 nurses too. 

Q – Can I choose the nurse I want to hire?

A – Yes, you can choose to employ a female or male nurse. You should be aware of the in home 24 hour nursing care type you need before you hire one. 

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