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what is mental health nursing care?

Mental health is a crucial condition that needs proper care and treatment. One of the ways to help people dealing with mental health issues is to seek experienced nursing care. Mental health nursing care involves assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of psychiatric problems. 

During primary care, mental health nurse works with the doctor to evaluate the progress and effects of the treatment as well.

who needs it?

Mental health nursing care is often advised in a complex situation where the patient needs constant support and safety. In some cases, people at risk of developing mental health issues can also avail the services of mental health nurses. 

Some of the people who need mental health nursing care may have the following psychiatric issues: 

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Phobias
  • Personality disorder
  • Major depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Eating disorders
  • Panic disorder

These conditions may be caused by traumatic experiences, genetic predisposition, or excessive stress. If not treated well, these mental health conditions can affect a person’s day-to-day life and this is where mental health nursing care becomes important. 

benefits of mental health nursing care

Not many know but benefits of mental health nursing care are diverse. From getting an in-house assessment of the mental illness to finding a compassionate person who helps you through the difficult emotional times, a mental health nurse help in meeting all the challenges you can face due to psychiatric issues. Here are some of those benefits: 

  • Offer a proper mental health nursing care plan for effective treatment
  • Help in understanding the mental condition better and adopting strategic ways to deal with it
  • Connect you with knowledgeable mental health professionals and link you with community groups as well
  • Assess the situation regularly to track the progress of the condition
  • Make sure you get proper diet and nutrition and focus on overall health since people with mental illness are prone to developing physical illnesses as well
  • Encourage in improving self-esteem and help in handing extreme emotions like anger and frustration
  • Help in building better and healthy relationships through counselling
  • Support in times of emotional outbursts and instill hope

role of mental health nurse

A mental health nurse’s role varies from patient to patient. However, there are some basic roles and responsibilities that he/she has to follow. Some of them are listed below: 

  • A mental health nurse plays a key role in evaluating the mental health needs of the patients.
  • A mental health nurse also encourages the patient to express feelings and help them in handling their anger and frustration. 
  • The nurse also helps in developing the nursing care plan for mental health patients.
  • Coordination with families and doctors is also a vital role of mental health nurses. 
  • He/she also administers the medications while ensuring that the patient sticks to the treatment plan. 
  • Other than taking care of the medical needs, mental health nursing care also focuses on providing personal care and mental support to the patient and their families as well.
  • An experienced mental health nurse also provides psychotherapy services as advised by the doctors. 

When planning to avail in-home nursing care for mental health patients, it is essential to look for trained and certified healthcare professionals. This will make sure you get the proper care and get a speedy recovery.  


Q – What is the importance of mental health?

Our mental health includes all aspects of our physical, psychological, emotional, and social wellbeing. Mental health is critical at each stage of life, right from adolescence through adulthood.
It’s important to keep your mental health in check and to treat any mental health conditions if they arise in order to stabilise positive routines, feelings, and ideas. By putting more emphasis on mental health care, we may increase our output, enhance our sense of ourselves, and deepen our relationships with others.

Q -How important is mental health to students?

A student’s overall wellbeing, which can also aid in their success in life, depends on their mental health. It can help students develop and sustain strong relationships with others as well as a sense of overall fulfilment. The education system must take students’ mental health in the classroom seriously.

Q – Why is it important to address mental health?

People of various ages and socioeconomic backgrounds are impacted by mental illness, and effective therapy can result from treating the symptoms that may indicate a problem. Untreated mental illness can worsen and have an adverse effect on a person’s wellbeing. People who notice warning signs should talk to their doctor and may seek nursing care of mentally ill patients.

Q – What is the importance of mental health awareness?

It’s critical to be aware and know the importance of mental health so you can see any symptoms and get care as needed. Many people are unaware of how to care for their mental health, despite the fact that everyone is familiar with the symptoms and available treatments for common illnesses that impact their loved ones, such as the flu and migraines.

Q – What are nursing interventions for mental health?

Promotion of health and well-being, psycho-education, early intervention, nursing interventions with a recovery focus on as determined by the individual, rehabilitation, and chronic disease management are all included in the practise of mental health nursing. These elements of nursing care plan for mental health are variable and persist through a person’s many life phases.

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