12-24hr nursing care in chennai

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12-24hr nursing care in chennai

Availing of patient care services in Chennai has become quite easy, these days. You can choose to opt for 12 or 24 hours of home nursing care services when your dear one requires constant monitoring and care at home. You can employ a nurse for everyday visits or cyclic visits. Medication and treatment precisely depend on the directives of your family physician. The head of the nursing services will meet you and the patient personally to access the care level he/she requires and aid you with the best setup.

why do you need 12/24 hr nursing care?

Professional nurses can perform specialised care. They will treat the patients with love, care and respect. You would want the best for their health. This can be achieved by opting for the best 24 hr patient care Chennai services. The care offered at the clinic or hospital can now be offered at home. 

  • Short term care

Qualified and trained nurses will visit your residence for the procedures like infusions, injections, catheterization, wound dressing, vaccinations, vital checks, etc., thus ensuring the best treatment quality. 

  • Long term care

The long-term care team will serve for conditions that range from post-surgery care, chronic care, senior care, intensive care and checking vital signs for serious patients with the help of home nurses who will stay at your home. 

when do you need 12/24 hr nursing care?

  • Operative care

After operation and post-anaesthesia, it’s all about reducing postoperative complications and supporting the rehabilitation process of the patient as part of the round-the-clock nursing services. 

  • ICU level care

Critical care is vital when a patient is recuperating from a life-threatening circumstance and requires 12hr nursing care in Chennai that involves oxygen support, and other significant body functions utilizing BiPAP, ventilator, tracheostomy, etc. 

When someone is nearing the end of their life, extended home care nurse support together with the right medical equipment and a doctor who can visit regularly can help in making the final moments of the dear one less hurting and full of pleasing memories.

For someone with orthopaedic issues that include ligament, muscle, bone, joints, tendon, and nerve disorders, physiotherapy is helpful. Getting physiotherapy treatment post-surgery can help a person get the rehabilitation process going in the appropriate direction from the start.

People tend to experience severe levels of pain, swelling, and various signs like numbness surrounding the surgery site, in the primary stages. The nursing care in Chennai provider can come to your home and help put your loved one’s mind at rest. They will answer all your queries and ensure that things are going as anticipated. 

Patients require patience and care to heal quickly and properly. The experienced nurses help families and individuals to handle diabetes at home. The nursing services team is dedicated to offering customized nursing care plans with a special approach to managing diabetes.

The caregivers will frequently monitor the blood sugar level and document the reading to make sure that you or your loved one gets appropriate care and also inform you about blood glucose levels. The team will manage the diet and the food that the person consumes to help keep their weight stable. They also monitor fluid intake to reduce peripheral neuropathy symptoms. 

benefits of 12/24 hr nursing care

  • Live-in nursing care

When someone requires skilled nursing care and is in good medical condition and around 8 to 10 hours of respite can be allowed to the nurse, a resident home care nurse is a great option. In this case, an individual nurse can be employed to stay alongside your loved one at home. You need to take care of their lodging and food. 

  • Rotational nursing care

When your loved one requires multiple interventions when it comes to medication and monitoring, you need to appoint 2 home nurses from a 24hr nursing care in Chennai service provider. The nurses will do their duties in intervals to ensure the utmost satisfaction to your loved one. They can stay with the patient even if the patient is located in a remote place. This is ideal when a patient requires active care both day and night. 

  • Medical equipment

Any nursing procedure will typically involve the use of medical equipment and supporting accessories such as pipes, gloves, injections, etc and their proper disposal is significant. The best 24 hour nursing services can help arrange the required nursing equipment at any given time. The ideal alternative is to rent the equipment and buy the medical consumables from a pharmacy in close proximity, to reduce costs. 

how portea helps?

Portea aims to deliver the best possible quality nursing care to its clients and to utilize a flexible approach to every individual’s requirements. In keeping with their mission of giving new meaning to the 24-hour nursing care services at home, they deliver unique treatment alternatives, quality healthcare, and clinical excellence with care and compassion in the comfort of the patient’s home. 

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