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what is palliative care?

Palliative care definition is basically providing specialised medical care for individuals suffering from serious illnesses. Palliative care focuses on providing comfort and relief from the symptoms, pain and stress for someone undergoing a serious illness. The ultimate goal of palliative care for cancer patients or similar patients is to ensure that they enjoy a better quality of life – both for them and their families.

how is it provided?

For someone suffering from a serious illness, palliative care nursing is provided by a group of specially-trained nurses, doctors and specialists who work closely with the patients and their other doctors. Palliative care in India or any other country is provided and appropriate for any stage of illness, and for any age. It can be provided along with the normal treatment that a patient undergoes.

what issues are taken care of with palliative care?

There are plenty of issues that palliative care addresses. These include:

Physical issues: A lot of common physical issues such as pain, loss of appetite, vomiting, shortness of breath and insomnia are taken care of with palliative care at home

Emotional coping: Palliative care for cancer provides resources that help families deal with the stress and emotions that occur when a person undergoes chemotherapy. A palliative care chemotherapy is that extra bit of emotional and other support that doctors help patients cope with.

Spiritual: Sometimes, with palliative care for cancer, families look for a deeper meaning in their lives. For a person undergoing palliative chemotherapy, a lot of spiritual questions tend to pop up and an expert can aid patients and families in exploring beliefs and values from a spiritual angle. This can help them feel more at ease and peace with the situation.

Caregiving needs: Palliative care stages can also involve providing caregiving needs. Family members play a crucial role in cancer care and they too, have to varied needs. Some family members can get overwhelmed by the number of responsibilities upon them. For someone undergoing palliative care chemotherapy, their family members too, need to be given the strength to deal with the situation at hand.

These challenges can be addressed with the help of a good support system provided by palliative care.

what is palliative care during cancer?

Undergoing palliative care chemotherapy is necessary during the time a patient is diagnosed with cancer and when curative treatment is no longer the answer. Here, the patient can receive palliative care at home while undergoing chemotherapy at the hospital.

how can one access palliative care?

Palliative care can be easily accessed by someone who has a private medical insurance. After having a chat with your doctor, you can get special palliative care for the remainder of the period.

is palliative care beneficial?

Palliative care at home or even in the hospital has been shown to improve the overall quality of lives, both for the patients and their relatives. Integrating a system of palliative care diagnosis for a patient can improve their life and mood while also enhancing their survival rate. Patients undergoing advanced palliative cancer care could really benefit from a good support system.

how can we help?

We provide patients with a palliative treatment at home so that they can get all the support that they require to remain happy and content. We have trained doctors who will be able to provide you with all the requirements and care needed during this critical phase. With time, you will begin seeing the results and the benefits of having taken palliative care. Whatever the need be, our doctors will provide the best palliative care for you and the right support to approach the condition with the right attitude

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