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12/24hr nursing care in mumbai

When a person cannot be left alone and requires round-the-clock care, institutionalization in a nursing home has historically been the sole option. As opposed to the shared care provided in clinics or nursing homes, 24hr nursing care in Mumbai enables your loved one to remain at home and receive individualized attention. The caregiver’s focus is only on your loved one’s needs, so there is no split attention. Additionally, it lessens the worry, anxiety, and confusion that your loved one can encounter when transitioning to a new environment, such as a hospital or clinic.

why you may need 12/24 hr nursing care in mumbai?

The advantages of patient care services in Mumbai are enormous. Home care businesses, in particular, are growing in many cities today, focusing on improving the quality of life for patients and senior citizens.

Elders who live at home sometimes suffer from social isolation and loneliness, thus the companionship provided by 24 hour nursing care professionals is priceless. The design of 12/24 care services gives the elderly person and the caregiver the chance to form dependable relationships. It is believed that comfort and familiarity improve a bedridden person’s wellbeing.

Another service that is now essential for many types of wound healing is wound care management. The professionals are instructed to assist in treating wounds to hasten recovery, prevent complications, and also to improve the patient’s level of comfort.

when you might need 12/24 hr nursing care in mumbai?

Is your loved one’s health getting worse? When you consider their condition, do you have trouble sleeping or feel overwhelmed? It may be time to choose 12/24 hr nursing care, whether your loved one lives at home or with your family, for everyone’s benefit. It can occasionally be difficult emotionally and practically to care for the elderly. There is a lot of guilt and helplessness. The biggest advantage of obtaining 12 or 24 hour nursing care at home is that it might give peace of mind. You’ll be able to maintain your poise if you know that the best caregiver is taking care of your loved one. 

Your family may feel overwhelmed by the idea of setting up 12/24 nurse at home Mumbai. The alternatives, however, are much worse. A serious fall might lead to a rapid deterioration in health. Cognitive problems may result in fire or security hazards. You might then choose to transfer them to a facility as a result. You must look for a licenced 12/24 nursing care agency to take care of your loved one if you want to ensure that they can stay safely in their home. Hiring a caregiver will boost confidence and provide a sense of security.

12hr nursing care in Mumbai can help you recover from a serious injury in the comfort of your own home. There is evidence that people recover more quickly when they are in familiar surroundings with family. The nurses will take care of your complex needs while assisting you in maintaining your independence, independence in daily life, and way of life. 

benefits of 12/24 hr nursing care at home in mumbai

Post-operative care

It is crucial to expedite healing while controlling pain during the difficult post-operative period. If the right care is not provided, difficulties and other problems may result. Usually, medical professionals suggest a treatment plan that must be followed for post-operative care. The patient will be cared for properly by skilled nurses with vast understanding in the post-surgery area.

Respiratory care services 

Services for respiratory treatment are intended to help people with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and newborn infants with underdeveloped lungs. In contrast to only providing nebulization, at-home respiratory care also includes taking care of patients who are using mechanical breathing machines, such as ventilators. To provide respiratory treatment at home, a variety of tools are used, including CPAP and BiPAP machine systems.

Medication administration

Medicines are used to identify, treat, or prevent disease. They need to be taken throughout the day at varied intervals. Correct medicine administration will help to reduce dangers. The provider of 12 hour nursing care employs staff who have received specialised training to give drugs to your loved one at home.

Nutrition care service

The patient’s needs and the recommended nutritional plan for the patient will both be taken into account by the nutrition care service. In order to maintain a person’s health at its peak, nutrition is a crucial component of the healing process. To prevent tube blocks and breathing issues, feeding through a Ryle’s Tube or PEG tube at home is a very complicated task that needs to be carried out by trained professionals.

Elimination help

An individual’s toileting and bathroom needs are assisted by an elimination aid programme. Incontinence sufferers will be cared for by nursing professionals. The companies that offer 24hr nursing care can offer elderly patients with ostomy, bladder training, and catheterization care.

how portea helps?

The skilled nurses from Portea for home care provide first-rate in-home nursing care services. Their nurses can provide hospital-like care because they are highly qualified medical professionals, regardless of whether you need assistance with daily duties while healing or need complex care that is frequently too overwhelming for your family members to handle themselves. 

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We found Nurse Jeesha to be competent dedicated and with a friendly and adjustable disposition. We would highly recommend her.


Mr. V V Venkatachalam

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Apeksha Pandey

First of all I would like to thank you with all my heart for the nursing care you provided me that I could ever imagine during this difficult time.
Thank you for putting yourself on the f....

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