What is in-home-nursing service?

Nursing services include taking care of all of the patient’s medical needs like medication, hygiene, and sanitation in your home. You will receive the best quality care, with the assistance of our nurses and regularly scheduled visits from the doctors in Chennai.

Our range of services

Post-surgical Care

Post-surgical care can be an emotionally taxing experience. Portea nursing services in Chennai aim to provide excellent post-operative care to help you get recover faster. So, if you are looking for nursing nearby, get in touch with us. Our nurses will help you with all the tasks to get back on your feet.

Oxygen Administration

Portea nursing home provides oxygen administration at your doorstep. We will create a calm, healing environment with the support of our efficient nurses, giving you the best, undisturbed, oxygen administration.

IV Infusion and Injections

Any type of injections and IV Infusions are taken care of by our professionals. Let us know about your needs and our doctors and nurses will be right at your doorstep, eliminating the need for visiting a clinic or hospital in Chennai and exposing yourself to the further risk.

Assisting ageing family member

Nursing at home services from us will help your elderly family member with all the activities of daily needs and personal care like bathing, food preparation or other household chores.

Catheterisation Care

Our nursing care provides quality catheterisation care at your home. We provide assistance in the removal and insertion of catheters as well as cleaning process.

Injury care

The best experience of nursing at home can be experienced when recovering from fatal injuries. This allows you to move around better with the best assistance in your hand, facilitating faster healing.

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Why Portea Nursing Care Services?

Our doctors, nurses and all the technicians involved vow to assist you with your medical needs like a family. We aim to provide the convenient, compassionate and quality care possible in the comfort of your home. If you are looking for nursing care near me, call us now to know which home care services are suitable for your needs.
Our Nursing carers help you with following conditions –
Wound Dressing | Vital Check | Vaccination | Ryle Tube Insertion | Nebulization | Injection | Infusion | ICU Care | ECG Electrocardiography | Oncology | Catheterisation