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what do we mean by home nursing care services?

Home nursing services is basically having qualified nurses attend to your medical needs in the comfort of your home. This type of care enables patients to cut short their hospital stays and continue with their recovery process or treatment at home, if their treatment does not involve continuous monitoring or intense treatment procedures. Home nurses can be hired on a full time or part time basis depending upon the type of care needed by the patient. Home nursing care services in Chennai can be medical like wound dressing, ventilator care, ostomy care, vaccination, IV drips, etc and non – medical like elderly care and companionship, mother and child care, etc.  

what are the different types of home nursing care services in chennai?

Nursing services is a vast field encompassing – geriatric care, pediatric care, surgical and medical care, mental health and psychiatry and community and public health. Some of the many home nursing services in Chennai offered by Portea home healthcare are as follows;

  • Nursing Care for ICU: ICU care is highly critical and requires the expert hands of a professional nurse to carry it out at home. Portea’s home nurse in Chennai would help you create the safe surroundings for the patient and provide round – the – clock care and monitoring.  
  • Nursing Care for Esophageal cancer: Esophageal Cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer and has very poor prognosis. It not affects the patients quality of life but also causes problems in eating, drinking and communicating. Nurses for esophageal cancer care employ all possible technology, treatment and care to bring comfort to the patient.
  • Nursing Care for Lung Cancer: Portea’s home nurses, Chennai are fully trained and well experienced in providing care for cancer patients at home. The home nurses provide lung cancer patients with comprehensive supportive care, educate them to minimize any complications arising out from surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy.  
  • Nursing Care for Ovarian Cancer: Ovarian cancer also known as the ‘silent killer’ demands a lot of skilled care and attention from a home nurse. Portea home nurse Chennai not only help the patient recover from surgery, assist in pain management, minimise any risk of infection and provide catheter care, but also provide the much needed emotional support to women who tend to grieve at the loss of a body part post hysterectomy.
  • Nursing care for female catheterisation: Female catheterisation is a delicate procedure and needs expert hands of a professional nurse to get it done in the most painless manner possible. Portea enables you to get a qualified home nurse to help you with the insertion, draining and the care of the catheter.
  • Nursing care for patient attendant: At Portea you can also easily avail of fully trained and experienced nursing attendants or caregivers, who can duly assist the patient in performing daily hygiene tasks like washing and cleaning up and eating, checking vital signs, assist with transportation and basic lab works.  
  • Post-surgical Care: Post-surgical care can be an emotionally taxing experience. Portea nursing services in Chennai aim to provide excellent post-operative care to help you get recover faster. So, if you are looking for nursing nearby, get in touch with us. Our nurses will help you with all the tasks to get back on your feet.
  • Oxygen Administration: Portea nursing home provides oxygen administration at your doorstep. We will create a calm, healing environment with the support of our efficient nurses, giving you the best, undisturbed, oxygen administration.
  • Nursing care for Suture removal: Suture removal is a fairly simple procedure and one can easily get it done at home after a doctor or nurse advice. Portea’s home nurse can easily help you with suture and staple removal and advice on the further care of the wound.
  • Assisting ageing family member: Nursing at home services from us will help your elderly family member with all the activities of daily needs and personal care like bathing, food preparation or other household chores.
  • Catheterisation Care: Our nursing care provides quality catheterisation care at your home. We provide assistance in the removal and insertion of catheters as well as cleaning process.
  • Injury care: The best experience of nursing at home can be experienced when recovering from fatal injuries. This allows you to move around better with the best assistance in your hand, facilitating faster healing.

what can you expect from a home nurse in chennai?

A home nurse like any regular nurse is expected to perform several different tasks depending upon the patients treatment. However, some of the basic tasks one can expect from any home nurse include;

  • Regular vital signs monitoring
  • Diet and nutrition monitoring
  • Regular check ups as indicated by a doctor
  • Updating the doctors with the patient’s condition
  • Making required changes to the treatment as advised by a doctor
  • Ensuring patient safety at home
  • Educating the patient about selfcare
  • Pain management
  • Providing coping mechanisms and improving the patients quality of life

how to prepare for home nursing services in chennai?

Preparing for a home nurse visit does not require any elaborate preparations. All you need to do is just keep a few things handy to help them in caring for you better, like;

  1. Emergency Contacts: Prepare a list of emergency personal contacts with names and phone numbers. This ensures quick access to crucial information in case of any unforeseen situations during the home nurse visit.
  1. Doctor Information: List the contact details of your primary doctor and physician. This information is essential for the home nurse to communicate effectively with your healthcare team, ensuring seamless coordination in your care.
  1. Task Expectations: Outline and document the specific tasks you expect the home nurse to perform. This could include administering medication, wound care, monitoring vital signs, or other specialized care needs. A clear list helps in efficient planning and delivery of services.
  1. Organized Reports and Prescriptions: Gather and organize all relevant medical reports, test results, and prescriptions in one accessible place. This streamlines the home nurse’s understanding of your medical history, allowing for better-informed care decisions and interventions.
  1. Comfortable Attire: Wear loose and comfortable clothing on the day of the home nurse visit. This ensures ease of access for necessary examinations or procedures and contributes to a more comfortable experience during the care session.

what are the benefits of home nursing care services?

Having nursing services at home in Chennai has numerous advantageous. The first and foremost being, its ability to help patient continue their treatment at home amidst family members than in the cold surroundings of a hospital, thereby boosting the patients mental health condition.

Studies have also proven that a patients shows much faster and better recovery at home amidst family members than in a hospital/nursing home.

A major advantage of availing the services of a home nurse Chennai is the more personal and one – to – one attention you can get from the nurse and the visiting doctor.

Another benefit of availing home nursing services in Chennai is that you no longer need to travel to the hospital/ clinic to seek medical care and attention, but on the contrary medical health care comes to you. Thereby, offering the much needed relief from travelling in the heat and pollution of the city.Another noteworthy benefit of home nursing services is the amount of money you save on your hospital and commute charges, thus, making home nurse in Chennai cost effective and affordable.

how can we help?

If you or your loved one need medical or non – medical care and attention at home or wish to continue your residual hospital treatment at home, simply give Portea a call and have an experienced doctor, professional nurse or caregiver at your doorstep in a short while. Our team of medical practitioners are well certified, experienced and fully adept at providing a number of skilled medical care and palliative care in the comfort of the patient’s home.  

why choose portea?

Portea home healthcare strives to bring reliable, accountable, affordable and world class healthcare at the patient’s doorstep. It is their constant drive towards this endeavour that Portea has successfully become one of the best home nursing services in Chennai, as vouched for by former patients and industry experts.

Home nursing services near me your search for a quality home nursing care near me ends at Portea’s world class home healthcare. Portea also offers the best prices of 12/24hr Nursing Care In Chennai near you with some of the best doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to help you heal and recover comfortably at home. Whatever be your home medical requirements Portea’s highly qualified team of medical practitioners in Chennai would surely satisfy you with its holistic and devoted medical care services.

With Portea, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a partner in your journey to recovery and well-being. We also offer a range of superior healthcare services, including doctor consultations, medical equipment, physiotherapy, and dedicated trained attendants

We also offer services such as nebulization, ICU care, injection, infusion, mental health care, post operative care at home and so on. Rely on us for top-tier healthcare solutions tailored to your requirements.

Our doctors, nurses and all the technicians involved vow to assist you with your medical needs like a family. We aim to provide the convenient, compassionate and quality care possible in the comfort of your home. If you are looking for nursing care near me, call us now to know which home care services are suitable for your needs.

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What are the services included in home nursing services in Chennai?

Home nursing services in Chennai cover a wide array of medical and non-medical care, including geriatric, paediatric, mental health and psychiatric treatment, surgical and medical care, as well as public health and community care. Portea Chennai offers these comprehensive home nursing services.

Can I request for a male/female nurse for home care in Chennai?

Yes, in Chennai, we provide both male and female nursing assistant (NA) services, while adhering to our policy of not offering cross-gender services.

How does Portea maintain the quality of nursing services in Chennai?

In Chennai, Portea ensures the quality of nursing services with a rigorous training program for nurses, followed by doctor certification. We also conduct regular on-the-job training sessions, both in person and digitally, and provide IVR training on various topics to enhance patient care and satisfaction.

Does Portea provide nursing services for end-of-life care in Chennai?

Yes, in Chennai, we offer end-of-life care services at home, enabling patients to receive all necessary assistance to stay comfortable and content. Our qualified nurses are trained to provide the required care and attention during this vital phase, ensuring a dignified and compassionate experience.

How can I find nursing care services at home near me in Chennai?

For those in Chennai searching “home nurse near me” on Google, Portea’s exceptional in-home nursing services are the ideal answer. Rely on Portea for your in-home nursing care needs to receive top-quality medical services from some of the most skilled and reputable doctors and nurses in the region.

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