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portea home nursing care service in faridabad

Finding reliable home nursing services in Faridabad can be a little tough. Portea solves this problem by offering home care services in Faridabad. Instead of commuting to hospitals and wasting your time and effort in the traffic, now you can book patient care services online.

You can get home nursing services that are tailor-made for your particular needs. On our website, you can choose the service that suit your needs. Instead of paying for a full consultation fee for doctors, you can get assistance from professional nurses if you already know about your needs.

To book patient care at home in Faridabad, all you have to do is explore our website, enter your medical requirement, address, and a few other important details. After that, a slot for an appointment will be given to you so that you can discuss your health problem and medical needs. You can then decide what kind of home care nursing services you will need. 

why choose home nursing services 

Home nurses Faridabad are expected to provide a one– to – one care to the patients and, ensure the safety of the patient in their home and educate and inform the patient and their family members among other tasks. Some of the key responsibilities of a home nurse in Faridabad include;

  • Make an initial health assessment of the patient
  • Draw an individualistic care plan
  • Administer IV and medication as per the prescription
  • Assist with pain management
  • Documenting symptoms and vital signs
  • Communicate and update the doctor about the patient’s health condition and response to the ongoing treatment.

how does portea supports range of nursing services in faridabad?

Portea is the place where you are going to solve all of your nursing-care related problems. Whether you want to ensure proper medication for your parents or you want to isolate a family member because of covid, we are going to provide you all services related to home nursing.

Here is a complete list of home care nursing services in Faridabad that you can get from us:


Because of their age, elders people often struggle to recover from their medical conditions. In such a case, taking professional help can become literally a lifesaver. Geriatric nursing care is the type of nursing that aims to improve the healing and the quality of life of the elders. 


Chronic illnesses like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, etc. needs focus on easing the condition of the patient and checking the fever regularly. Taking care of chronically ill patients often becomes too overwhelming for people who do not have any prior experience of taking care of ill patients. Portea can solve this for you.


This is another area where our healthcare system requires drastic changes. But you don’t have to rely on anything when a qualified professional will come to you to administer a vaccine and also tell you about the potential side effects of the vaccine.

Along with the above-mentioned services, we also offer home care nursing services for the following:

  • IV care
  • Wound care
  • Ventilator care
  • Personal care

If you require a nursing care service that is not mentioned above, you can contact us and tell us about it. We also offer best home nurse service in Faridabad

why choose portea’s home nursing services?

At Portea, you can hire the most qualified attendant for patients in Faridabad. We know that your utmost propriety is the health and safety of the patient and hence we give our best to the patient. Here are some reasons why you should choose Portea’s home nursing services in Faridabad.

  • Expert Supervision: With required training and years of experience, our nurses have developed the expertise of taking the best care of patients.
  • Convenience: Many patients hesitate from going to the hospital or clinic and hence they abandon the treatment altogether. At Portea, you get the comfort and convenience of getting world-class care at your home.
  • Suitable Care Packages: Different patients need different kinds of care. Hence, we provide a range of packages from which you can select one according to your need and budget.
  • Managing the patient’s medications.
  • Home ICUs for severely ill patients.
  • Grooming and taking care of hygiene practices.
  • Monitoring the vitals and performing nebulization, tracheostomy, inserting tubes, and helping with fluid or intravenous medications. 
  • Fixing a diet menu for the patient so that they recover fast.
  • We give overnight care on request to patients who are seeking help 24/7 due to their illness.

best home nursing services near me in faridabad

Portea offers the best home care nursing services near me in Faridabad, which you can find on our webpage. We provide excellent assistance for patients with illness and health issues. Our home nurse in Faridabad is of premium quality and no less than the care offered in hospitals. With a team of highly certified, professional, and experienced nurses for patient care, we cover the entire Faridabad area with the best medical help. 

Nurse home care is the best treatment type for both personal and medical needs at the same time. Log in to our site and book an appointment if you are in need of home patient care in Faridabad for administering IV infusions, injections, and post-surgical care. Portea is proud to have the best nurses in town, and we aim at quality and satisfaction of all our patients above all. 


Q – How can I avail Portea’s services for home nursing services in Faridabad?

If you’re interested in our home nursing services in Faridabad, call us at 1800- 121-2323.

Q – What are the services included in home nursing services in Faridabad?

Treatment of illness or injury is the primary objective of home nursing services in Faridabad. The home nursing services usually comprise giving injections, managing intravenous or nutrition therapy, teaching patients and caregivers, monitoring serious illnesses and unstable health conditions, treating surgical wounds or pressure sores, and providing rehabilitation therapies.
Home nurses can execute a variety of medical treatments with great expertise and knowledge. A home nurse’s fundamental duties include the following:
• Monitoring of vital signs
• Monitoring of food and nutrition
• Regular exams that a doctor orders.
• Keeping in contact with the doctor
• Assuring patients’ safety at home
• Educating patients on self-care techniques
• Pain management

Q -What can I do if I want the nurses to perform additional tasks?

The nurses perform procedures and activities related to medicine in accordance with the requirements of the patient. If the patient need more medical care during the course, they must contact Portea since they could require a nurse with advanced medical expertise. Please understand that nurses won’t be doing any housework.

Q – Can I request for male/female nurse for homecare in Faridabad?

Yes, we do employ both male and female nurses, but we do not provide services that are cross-gender.

Q – How can I find best nursing services near me in Faridabad?

Our staff is prepared to offer patients with both acute and chronic diseases care, complete post-surgical, personal, and therapeutic care. We will work together to develop a unique, personalised treatment plan that meets your needs. We make a sincere effort to offer Faridabad inhabitants who are either individuals or families compassionate, thorough service. Contact us right now if you’re looking for nursing care in Faridabad.

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