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portea home nursing care service in malappuram

Nursing care is a crucial part of the health care sector that primarily focuses on the care of patients or individuals requiring specialized medical care, so they can recuperate and thereby achieve and maintain optimum health and quality of life. 

Portea’s nursing services in Malappuram in particular have been successfully striving ahead to bring forth the best of medical and non – medical nursing care you need in the comfort of your home. 

different kinds of home nursing services available in malappuram?

Nursing services in Malappuram is a broad term that encompasses several different types of medical and non – medical care, like geriatric care, paediatric care, mental health and psychiatric care, surgical and medical care and public health and community care. Some of the many home nursing services offered by Portea Malappuram include:

  • Home nurse for ICU: ICU care at home requires the expertise and skill of a professional nurse, who needs to keep a constant watch on the patient, administer drugs and medicines as per the prescription, administer IV and fluids as indicated, monitoring and documenting the patient’s vital signs and oxygen levels and keeping the treatment in line with test results. At Portea you can easily find a highly skilled and experienced nurse to assist you with in – home ICU care. 
  • Home nursing care services for pancreatic cancer: Portea’s offers specially trained nurses for caring for pancreatic cancer patients. The home nurse would assist in promoting comfortable position for the patient, provide comfort measures, administer analgesics, maintain meticulous skin care, maintain gastric suction when used, withhold food and fluid as indicated and prepare the patient for surgical intervention if needed.  
  • Home nursing care services for tongue cancer: Portea’s home nurse can help people suffering from tongue cancer by assessing the mouth discomfort every shift until patient reports less discomfort, educate and inform the patient regarding the use of certain types of dental hygiene products, educate them about proper oral care, assess the status of the mucous membrane every shift for integrity and teach the patient ways to relieve dry mouth by discharge. 
  • Home nursing care services for radiation therapy: Radiation therapy is an aggressive treatment procedure having several side effects, our home nurse can help the patient through this period and assist them in pain management, teach them coping mechanisms, prevent any complication and thereby, improve the patient’s quality of life 
  • Nursing care services for catheterisation: Portea’s home nurse are fully adept at the application and care of all kinds of catheter and has both female and male nurses for providing catheterisation care to patients of both genders.  

why choose home nursing services in malappuram

Home nursing services in Malappuram in very simple terms refer to skilled nursing care provided to an individual in their home to help them recover and restore optimum health.

It can involve both Non – medical care and skilled medical care. Home nursing care service can also be full time, shift nursing or hourly nursing and can be provided by a registered nurse or a home health aide depending upon the type of care needed.

is the special care for older adults to help and support their families by offering help through nurses to take care of their health. These nursing services pertain to maximize functioning and improving their quality of life. 

Palliative Care – Palliative care at home is for people with serious illnesses. It focuses on easing out the symptoms and improving the quality of life for both the family and the patient. Palliative nursing care also deals with psychological health issues and is based on the patient’s needs with a curative treatment plan.

Personal Care – Personal nursing care is necessary to maintain patient’s hygiene like washing, grooming, feeding with qualified nurses for patients with assistance to perform their day-to-day activities.

Vaccination Service – These nurses reach your home and help in administering the scheduled vaccines at your comfort and convenience.

how can we help?

Portea’s team of home nursing care in Malappuram are counted among the best in the city and are fully adept at carrying out a number medical tasks with ease in the patient’s home at the doctor’s advice. objective is to reach the right kind of service to those who need it the most. It’s for the right medical care that you need during the hours of crisis. The services provided are the best in their class.

Portea Home nurse in Malappuram comprises both male nurse and female nurses so you can choose among them as per your comfort and preferences. Our nurses are also available on a full – time means 12hr or 24hr base and shift basis means for a short time duration of 2 to 4 hrs to cater to varied needs and requirements.

best home nursing services near me in malappuram

Check our website for the best home nursing services in Malappuram. However, home care services or any other place can be opted for only when permitted by a doctor. All nurses are appointed after consultation with a doctor. Our nursing home services are available to anyone who is not able to cope up with their physical disabilities.

You will find the best services from Portea’s nursing services. All you have to do is choose home care nursing services Malappuram to avail them.

Nurse home care is the best treatment type for both personal and medical needs at the same time. Log in to our site and book an appointment if you are in need of home patient care in Malappuram for administering IV infusions, injections, and post-surgical care. Portea is proud to have the best nurses in town, and we aim at quality and satisfaction of all our patients above all. 

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Mr. V V Venkatachalam

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Apeksha Pandey

First of all I would like to thank you with all my heart for the nursing care you provided me that I could ever imagine during this difficult time.
Thank you for putting yourself on the f....

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