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Are you in need of loving, attentive nursing care in Bangalore? Do you need assistance in recovering from illness, injuries, post-operative care? More importantly, are you looking for nursing services nearby? Get the desired homely yet highly professional nursing care in the comfort of your home at affordable prices, right here. Get in-home Nursing Care Services in Bangalore, begin here.

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The in-home nursing services are essentially the services provided to create a comforting and healing environment to promise you the fastest, most painless recovery possible. From care to meet the needs of every generation to management of chronic conditions, Portea’s in-home nursing services offer a wide range of home health care services.


Vaccination: We provide vaccinations or pneumonia, typhoid and H1N1 at home and help you prevent infections.

Injections and IV Infusion: Gone are the days when we had to wait in hospital waiting rooms to get our regular injections. Just give us a call and have them done at your home under professional supervision.

Urinary Catheterisation Care: The most intimate care is made easy in your home. All kinds of catheter needs are taken care of by our nurses – be it insertion, wash or removal.

Oxygen Administration: The need for oxygen administration is fairly common in conditions like pulmonary disease, shock and trauma etc. Portea nursing home is the provider of high-quality oxygen administration.

Post-surgical Care: Post-surgery care is an important part of the healing process. We aim to provide the best support during this time. Our nurses work round the clock and your timely visits by the doctor are also arranged as per schedule.

Assisting ageing family member: Nursing at home services helps your family member with daily activities and personal care such as bathing, food preparation or other household chores.


We aim to provide the most exceptional nursing services in Bangalore. We provide you with a highly trained and certified staff to promote, maintain, or restore your health. Call us if you are looking for nursing care near me to answer all your doubts and queries or to schedule a consultation.


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We had an excellent experience with Portea’s Nurse. She was very efficient and the speed at which she worked was very good. Besides, her attitude towards people and her work is amazing.