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what is the meaning of home nursing care?

Home nursing services in Bangalore in very simple terms refers to skilled nursing care provided to an individual in their home to help them recover and restore optimum health.

It can involve both Non – medical care and skilled medical care. Home nursing care can also be full time, shift nursing or hourly nursing and can be provided by a registered nurse or a home health aide depending upon the type of care needed.

Home nursing care may involve home care services like elderly care, medical, dental and nursing services like wound dressing, ostomy care, intravenous therapy, ventilator care, administering medication, monitoring the general well being of the patient, pain management and other health supports.

what is home nursing care in bangalore?

Nursing care is a crucial part of the health care sector that primarily focusses on the care of patients or individuals requiring specialised medical care, so they can recuperate and thereby achieve and maintain optimum health and quality of life. 

Portea’s nursing services in Bangalore in particular has been successfully striving ahead to bring forth the best of medical and non – medical nursing care you need at the comfort of your home. 

our range of services

The range of home nursing services one can receive at home care in Bangalore is limitless, depending upon the patient’s condition, the nursing care can range from non – medical care to specialised medical services. Some of the many nursing services one can avail at Portea Bangalore home nursing services include;

Nurse for Vaccination:

Vaccination is one of the most basic procedures one can easily get done at home all thanks to Portea’s remarkable home nursing services in Bangalore , so you no longer have to needlessly commute to the doctor’s clinic. Portea offers highly reliable vaccination services in Bangalore that includes all the vaccines needed for the baby’s healthy growth and development to the varied other vaccinations providing protection from diseases like pneumonia, typhoid and H1N1 among others.

Nursing Care for Anal Cancer:

Anal cancer is quite a rare form of cancer and its treatment can be quite brutal with simultaneous chemotherapy and pelvic radiation. Providing nursing care in this type of cancer is not limited to only helping the patient deal with post chemo effects but also involves skin care for radiation burns, care for bladder and bowel control, diet intolerance, nutrition, pain management and pelvic floor physical therapy. Portea’s well trained and highly experienced oncology nurses are quite adept at providing such specialised care needed by anal cancer patients.

Nursing Care for Metastatic Cancer:

Treatment for metastatic cancer can be quite lengthy and tiresome and it is here that the need for a well experienced home oncology nurse is felt. Portea helps you get that best home nurse in Bangalore who can not only assess patients condition presented due to treatment side effects, as well as assessing them pre, during and post chemotherapy but also use their interpersonal skills to listen and guide the patient through their emotional state.

Nursing Care for Cervical Cancer:

Cervical caner is treatable at early stages. However many people refrain from getting screened owing to varied causes – lack of time, embarrassment, fear, etc. Portea home nurses here play an instrumental role in the screening and initiating the timely treatment process. Our home nurses help in dispensing accurate information , help making informed decisions and providing accessible home nursing services Bangalore.

Nurse for ECG:

ECG is one of the most common technologies used in acute care and now you easily get ECG done at the comfort of your home. Portea’s home nurse in Bangalore are well adept at reading and identifying potentially lethal heart rhythms and providing care to the patient receiving this monitoring         

Nurse for Infusion:  

With the availability of the best home nursing services in Bangalore courtesy Portea you really don’t need to step out of your house for such simple procedures. Our home nurse in Bangalore are well trained and can easily help you get all kinds of infusions – IV Push, IV piggy back and blood transfusion, done at home in the most comfortable and painless manner possible.

Injury care: 

One of the best options of nursing at home can be enjoyed with injury care. Leave it to our compassionate nurses to provide you with the best assistance when needed to complete everyday tasks.

Injections and IV Infusion:

Gone are the days when we had to wait in hospital waiting rooms to get our regular injections. Just give us a call and have them done at your home under professional supervision.

Urinary Catheterisation Care:

The most intimate care is made easy in your home. All kinds of catheter needs are taken care of by our nurses – be it insertion, wash or removal.

Oxygen Administration:

The need for oxygen administration is fairly common in conditions like pulmonary disease, shock and trauma etc. Portea nursing home is the provider of high-quality oxygen administration.

Post-surgical Care:

Post-surgery care is an important part of the healing process. We aim to provide the best support during this time. Our nurses work round the clock and your timely visits by the doctor are also arranged as per schedule.

Assisting ageing family member:

Nursing at home services helps your family member with daily activities and personal care such as bathing, food preparation or other household chores.

Beside the above mentioned nursing care services there are plenty more home medical and specialised nursing services to discover at Portea Bangalore. You can check on our website or call our representatives to know further about it.

why choose portea’s home nursing services?

Portea is the single most reliable and superior quality home nursing service provider in the country having a robust team of qualified doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and home healthcare aides to help you get the best of medical care at affordable rates that too at the comfort of your home. 

benefits of home nursing care in bangalore

There are some obvious advantageous to seeking home nursing care in Bangalore. Some of which are as follows;

  • Decrease in Cost: With at home nursing care you can save money on commuting and hospitalization charges making home nurse in Bangalore cost very cost effective and affordable.
  • Improves health condition: Many studies and research has proven that patients heal better and show fast recovery at home than at a hospital.
  • Reduces hospital stays: With the availability of quality nursing services at home you can now easily discharge from a hospital and continue your recovery and treatment process at home amidst family members.    

what to expect from nursing care services at home in bangalore?

Home nursing care services commence on the advice of a medical practitioner and some of the basic medical attention one can expect from nurse at home in bangalore;

  • Patient’s diet and nutrition monitoring
  • Regular check up as per the doctor’s prescription. Blood pressure monitoring, temperature and heart rate reading.
  • Ensuring the safety of the patient at home
  • Educate the patient about self – care
  • Regularly updating and co -ordinating with the doctor to provide a proper course of health care.

preparing for home nursing services in bangalore

Few of things you can do before seeking home nursing services, to help you get the most  out of home healthcare include;

  • Create a personal emergency list
  • Have your prescription and reports ready
  • Contact list of your doctor
  • List tasks expected from the nurse

home nursing services near me

If you too have been frantically making ‘home nurse near me’ searches on Google for reliable and quality nursing service in Bangalore, then look no further.

Portea home nursing care is the answer you have been looking for. In its endeavour to provide world class health services at home Portea offers some of the best doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to help you heal and recover comfortably at home.

So, if you or your loved one needs medical attention simply give Portea a call and our expert doctor or nurse (as required) would soon drop in to check upon you in Bangalore.

You can also schedule an appointment through our website, where all you need to do is fill in the required details and our representative would soon get in touch with you. 

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We found Nurse Jeesha to be competent dedicated and with a friendly and adjustable disposition. We would highly recommend her.


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Apeksha Pandey

First of all I would like to thank you with all my heart for the nursing care you provided me that I could ever imagine during this difficult time.
Thank you for putting yourself on the f....

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