elder care services in bangalore

Are you looking for elderly care services in Bangalore? We care and we are here to help you with it. Portea brings to you personalized elderly care offered in a sensitive and absolute manner. Our staff is efficient, appropriately trained and understanding of all your needs. Get in touch today for geriatric care services in Bangalore.

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what is elderly care services?

Elder Care Services include a range of in-home medical services provided by our skilled doctors and nurses, physiotherapists & more. The elderly of the house will be provided with all kinds of support and facilities in their home that will make their day fly by.

why do you need elder care services in bangalore?

The ones who dedicated their entire lives to you are now alone and in dire need of support. Our elderly have both physical and mental needs. We provide support to patients that need assistance with mobility, companionship, meal preparation, grooming and feeding. Also, many people love to live independently at home as they get older. Portea elderly caretaker works round the clock to satisfy all these needs. Get in touch with us now if you are looking for elder care service near me in Bangalore.

Our Geriatric Services include

Customized plans

You can have a custom elder care plan that suits the needs of your home specifically and enjoy hassle-free services. You can also check our varied plans and see what suits you best.


Taking care of one’s nutritional needs is the direct route to achieving great health. The nurses will help plan a nutritious menu for the week and will also help you prepare meals.

Health Manager

A manager will be assigned to you that will take care of and arrange everything so that you do not have to worry about anything at all. He will be your person of contact for all your elderly help requirements.

In-home medical services

You can avail all kinds of medical services like physiotherapy, tests, etc., in your home – just let your health manager know.

Emotional support

Our nurses and doctors are as cooperative and friendly as they are qualified and professional. They take special care of the elderly’s emotional needs by offering them amiable care instead of rushing through the motions.

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