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what is trained nursing attendants services?

We are a team of dedicated nurses, doctors and technicians working round the clock to ensure world-class medical treatment in the comfort of your home. We consider it our duty to provide you with the most suited equipment and treatment, accompanied with regular check-ups to provide the best healing environment in Bangalore. Our Trained Medical Nursing Attendants works as patients care, nurse’s aides, home health aides, geriatric aides, and hospital attendants to the help to Elderly Parents & Bed ridden patients.

our wide range of services

Personal Care

Our Nursing Care Attendants will assist you in everyday tasks of bathing and dressing up afterwards, taking care of complete elderly assistance at home. We will also take care of additional activities like nail care, dental care, foot care and hair care.

Mobilization Assistance

Our Nursing Attendants will assist the wheelchair bound and bed ridden patients in required mobilization support, with activities like moving the wheelchair around and changing the position of the bedridden. We provide walking assistance as well.

Health Monitoring

The family/relatives of the patient can help us prepare a comprehensive medical plan to help monitor every aspect of the patient’s health. Any specific medical condition to be taken care of or any other quirk to not forget about – we as a private home caregiver take care of it all. Our services can also be adjusted immediately as per requirements.

Clean the patient’s space

We take special efforts towards sanitation. The nursing care aide will ensure clean and disinfected surrounding for the patient.

Help in feeding

Trained Nursing Attendants can do minor feeding tasks like cutting fruits up and making soup. Other than that, they will serve and clean up after the meal. Tube feeding will also be done, whenever necessary.


Mobilization for the purpose of exercising will be supported by the Nursing patient attendant. We will further encourage you to get a better understanding of what exercises you can perform and consult our physiotherapist. He will help chalk up a definitive plan in accordance with the patient’s abilities to avoid any missteps.

why portea for nursing attendants services in bangalore?

  • Training– We take special measures to train our nurses as a nursing care aide, patient attendant, personal care & more – role plays in real time, real patient care as training and visual demonstrations – to name a few. Apart from that, we conduct regular appraisals by doctors to evaluate and embrace the philosophy of companionship in the work that we do.
  • Supervision– We fully encourage continuous learning as a part of the learning curve, and take care to assign the best-suited caregiver to each and every case.
  • Hiring– We hire only the best. The nurses are recruited from the National Skills Development Council (NSDC) after Written Tests, Interviews and Skill Tests as part of the selection process.

Call us now if you are looking for nursing caretakers nearby in Bangalore. You can avail our attendant for patient at home services for as little as for 30 minutes up to 24 hours, as per your requirements.

why choose our trained attendants service?

  • You receive compassionate care at home
  • We have 5,00,000+ happy customers
  • Our attendants are supervised by senior nurses and doctors
  • Our attendants are well trained and their backgrounds are checked
  • We assign you an attendant in such a way that he or she speaks a language you are comfortable with
  • We’re the recommended homecare partner for leading hospitals
  • We’re affordable, accountable and accessible
  • We offer attendant for patient at very affordable prices


Q – How can I find best nursing attendant at home near me in Bangalore?

Portea is one of the best providers of nursing attendants in Bangalore. If you’re seeking for nursing caregivers in Bangalore, give us a call right away on +1800 121 2323. Depending on your needs, you can use our services for as little as 30 minutes or as long as 24 hours, that to at very affordable prices.

Q – Do I need a physician’s recommendation for hiring nursing attendant in Bangalore?

Nursing attendants provide supportive care and hence a physician’s recommendation is not necessarily required.

Q – What are the responsibilities of nursing attendant in Bangalore?

• Our nursing care attendants will help you with daily duties like bathing and clothing. 
• They will also help wheelchair-bound and bed-ridden patients get the necessary movement support. 
• The nursing care attendant will make sure the patient's environment is clean and sterile.
• With the help of patient's family and/or relatives, they can can create a thorough medical plan to help monitor every element of the patient's health. 
• Trained nursing assistants can perform small feeding duties like chopping fruit and cooking soup.

Q – How many nursing attendants are involved in 12/24 hr care in Bangalore?

We offer one nursing attendant each 12 hours of service, two nursing attendants per 12*2 hours of service—one for each morning and evening shift—and one nursing attendant for 24 hours of service. However, two nursing attendants can also be provided, depending on the demand.

Q – Can I request for male/female home nursing attendant in Bangalore?

The Nursing attendant service we offer is available to both men and women, but we do not offer cross-gender service.

Q – How often can I take home nursing attendant services in Bangalore?

One may schedule nursing attendant services whenever it is convenient for them. Our staff members are well-trained, and their backgrounds have been thoroughly checked. Also, senior nurses and doctors monitor our attendants for efficient work.

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