trained nursing attendants in chandigarh

Portea brings high-quality trained nursing attendants in Chandigarh. We know it’s hard to provide care to elderly or bedridden people when you are not able to take off from work. So, if you are searching for someone to take care of the elderly or ill person at home, then we are here to help. At Portea, we provide the best healing environment in the comfort of your home.

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what is trained nursing attendants services in chandigarh?

Portea has well-trained professionals that can provide amazing care to their patient’s right here in Chandigarh. So, get in touch today if you are looking for caretakers nearby.

what trained nursing attendants do?

Personal Care:

We provide trained staff that is capable of providing world-class help aid to the patient. Our staff can help in almost all day to day tasks associated with the patient. Right from bathing and showering to nail care, our staff cover it all, so you can have your much-needed piece of mind.

Mobilization of patients:

If you are finding it challenging to mobilize your ill or older family members, all the time, Portea is here to help. Our private home caregiver is there to provide round o’clock mobilization attention to the patients. They help the wheelchair-bound patients by moving them around when needed; they can also help bedridden patients by changing their positions, and even change their diapers, if required.

Health Monitoring:

Portea believes in covering all the aspects of patients’ health, be it big or small. Once we generate a treatment plan for the patient, we monitor their health closely and keep the record for the same. Our trained nursing attendants can provide nebulization & steam inhalation to the patient suffering from cough problems. They can also provide oral medication to the patients if requested by the patient’s family member.

Hygiene and cleanliness:

One of the major challenges when managing ill or old people is maintaining proper hygiene. The problem aggravates when one has tight schedules and a huge workload. This is where Portea comes in. Cleanliness is one of the biggest priority at Portea. We ensure that the patients experience the best in class hygiene in their personal space.

Feeding the patient:

Our trained nursing attendants can heat and serve hot food to the patients, and also clean up afterwards. In fact, our staff can even provide basic cooking support (for patient only) like cutting fruits, making an egg etc.

Exercise Support:

Our nurses are well adept in providing a range of motion exercises to their patients. However, if you are looking for complete Physio exercise, you can contact Portea’s physiotherapy department

Patient Testimonials

Shukla Sarcar

Dear Mr. Joseph, First of all, let me thank you for your excellent support during my mother’s (Shukla Sarcar) illness. The home nurse that you provided, Ms. Juliet Wilma gave exceptional and outstanding service to my mother. I believe that it is because of Juliet’s knowledge, medical expertise, confidence, compassion and care that my mother who had a Stroke/ Tracheostomy procedure, had a miraculous recovery in less than a month. Juliet was truly like an angel sent by God in our most difficult time.

Mr. Manu Chandra


“A quick note of gratitude to the Portea team. The service and the attendant were really good, and offered us great relief and assistance post the surgery. Many thanks for your help!”

P. K. Tewari

Nursing attendant Vishambhar Dev is working consistently from past 3 years at my home. He rendered excellent service and took care of my husband in critical stage. The attendant was very friendly and took care with lots of love, care and affection.