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In the field of pharmacy, there is a field to prepare and formulate medicines. This can be customized as per the patient’s needs with the generalized formula. A compounder can convert solid tablets to a liquid form or remove a particular ingredient, which can cause allergy. They can increase or decrease the dose limit and change the flavor and texture of the medicine. A medical compounder is more like an assistant to a doctor with practical knowledge of dispensing drugs. They are health professionals who practice the science of pharmacy but do not have the power to prescribe them. Instead, they can compound their medications like a pharmacist. 

why is a compounder service needed?

A compounder service at home is required for many reasons, but in a hospital facility, they are required to give out medicines and take the payment for them. They will follow the physician’s instructions and are usually assigned to a small section of the clinic. This person may also administer the injections and other wound dressings for the incoming patients. They will be allowed to do all the minor procedures as they have more medical knowledge but do not have the liberty to take any decision without the approval of the physician. Compounders are ideal for performing all intravenous administration. Various services are now available online but make sure to identify and avail genuine nearby compounders to get the basic medical help even at your residence.


Compounders for all categories and age groups will be performing the same set of services only. But the reason why a compounder near me is required to administer the medical procedures at home for kids, adults, and elders as they avoid the inconvenience caused with trips to hospitals for necessary injections from the comfort of your home through professional, trained, well qualified and specialised staff. 

how to get compounder service?

Home is the best place for comfort, and everybody prefers to get treated in their own space instead of staying at a hospital. A compounder at home service makes it very convenient even after any significant post-hospitalisation surgery and reduces unnecessary mental stress. There are a lot of leading home health care service providers online, who help in arranging nursing visits to one’s own home for medications like injection, offering medicines on time, feeding and bathroom assistance, dressing and caring for wounds and providing diet plans. This service is ideal for patients who have limited mobility. An individual can get periodical service that is applicable for both long term and short-term depending on the recommendation of the doctor. 

A compounder service can provide injections of three kinds. They are:

  • Intravenous – Intravenous, as its name suggests, is done directly on the veins and usually takes a minute only to administer. 
  • Intramuscular – This is injected into the muscle, which will absorb medication faster. 
  • Subcutaneous – It is the easiest of all injections that are done on the fat layer between the skin and the muscle
  • Cannula – A cannula is an injection placed on the vein for more extended periods to aid treatments given by the doctors. 
  • Drip – This is usually administered through a vein making use of a needle.
  • Diabetes injection – This injection is done by just making a single prick and drawing blood to control the blood sugar. 
  • Iron injection – This is done by collecting a blood sample from the intravenous to test for iron deficiency and treat anaemic patients.
  • Antibiotics injection – Antibiotics injection is administered once a week either through drip or intravenous or at a periodic time. 

Online sites have a 24*7 helpline number for consultation and booking appointments. One should fill an enquiry form, which can be done in minutes as they are user-friendly, asking only for basic details about the patient. Usually, with an inquiry form, they reach out to the patients with their appointment details instantly.

How Can We Help?

With Portea, you’re not just getting the best  Treatment at home, you’re gaining a partner in your journey to recovery and well-being. We also offer a range of superior healthcare services, including doctor consultations, medical equipment, nursing care, physiotherapy, diagnostics and vaccinations. Rely on us for top-tier healthcare solutions tailored to your requirements.


What is a compounder service and what does it entail?

A compounder service involves the customized preparation of medications tailored to meet specific patient needs. It typically entails the mixing, combining, or altering of ingredients to create personalized medications not readily available in commercially manufactured forms.

Which cities can I avail of compounder services at home?

You can avail of the compounder services at home facilities in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Jaipur, Indore, lucknow, and Chandigarh.

How do compounder services differ from traditional pharmacy services?

Compounder services differ from traditional pharmacy services in that they offer compounded medications that are specially formulated to accommodate individual patient requirements. Traditional pharmacies mainly dispense commercially available medications in standard dosages and forms.

How can I find Compounder services near me?

To find the Compounder services near you, you just have to contact portea at +1800 121 2323 or search for “medical compounder near me” or  “compounder near me for injection”. Portea has a team of professional and trained nurses who can deliver services to patients.

How can I access compounder services and find a reliable provider?

Compounder services are regulated, albeit regulations can vary by country or region. In the United States, compounding pharmacies are regulated by state boards of pharmacy as well as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Compliance with standards set forth by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) is also essential.

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